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Most of us live anonymous lives, for some it’s one of quiet desperation; for others it’s generally satisfying with the expected doses of disappointment and enjoyment. Some become famous or infamous. Oh, how those two letters make all the difference in the world. But these two opposite categories are both short of what you may be in a position to be, which is a pivotal figure in the course of history.

You have laid the groundwork by becoming either hated and admired by a wide range of individuals, including a handful who have their hands within reach of the levers of power. In your bold and bombastic declamation against those with the ranking to abuse the American ideal of a wall between church and state, you have become a personage to go beyond the military; ironically because of President Trump’s impending breach of legal and traditional functions of the office, specifically that of Commander in Chief.

I’ll use the film, “Seven Day’s in May” to illustrate my very serious point. First, we replace the decent President Jordan Lyman of that film. Now it’s Donald Trump, whose goal, rather than the advancement of enlightened liberalism of the fictional President, is that of marshaling Christian dominionism along with racial purity,” in the service of his autocratic power. In the movie it’s the cabal of fascistic conservative members of the Joint Chief of Staff who would depose Lyman. In real life December 2018, the mixed group would be of those who value a liberal democracy, welcoming individual religious faith but resisting one that has been nationalized in the service of the current President, who chafes at the limitations of a democracy.

For this to possibly work, it assumes that Jim Mattis would be willing to risk all by refusing to accept his dismissal, which would be a precursor to Trump’s attempted coup against democracy. This would be either an act of treason, or exceptional patriotism, assuming Trump would use the military to secure an autocracy.

I often criticize you for the graphic expressiveness of your public antipathy against our dominionist opposition. But not now, not today, when the reasonable response to one such as Trump, who joins in with his core base in treating erudition as weakness, must be met with your kind of passion to awaken those who don’t see the pressing danger to our society…

I would welcome discussing this further. Let’s hope I’m paranoid, but if I’m not the consequences are dire.


(name withheld)

“Seven Days in May,” Link to Article: Click to read more

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