Thank You

From: (name withheld)

Subject: Thank You

Date: February 3, 2019 at 9:53:00 PM MST

To: [email protected]


I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to discover your organization through a post on Facebook, showing Mr. Weinstein’s interview with Cenk on TYT.  As a 1979 PhD psychologist graduate of Fuller, I could burn your ears for hours about our small group’s experiences there in the late 1970s. I was amused, hearing that you have been called “Satan Spawned.” I take this to be the greatest complement to you! We struggled to bring awareness to our colleagues about the issues of the day, but the result was our finest member being given a similar appellation, “Embodiment of Evil!” We affectionately referred to him after that as the “EOE” (our abbreviation). Out of our group, only I was able to complete my program, with great difficulty. However, all these others went on to illustrious careers in law, business and technology.

Really, I am so happy to find a secular humanist organization dedicated to the Constitutional principles of our founding fathers, and practicing an ecumenism able to counter the toxic waste of what you so aptly call “weaponized Christianity.”  These are heretics in my opinion.  No “establishment of religion” of any kind should be favored or promoted by any US government decision in violation of the separation principles that our founders so well understood.  Please place me on your mailing list, and when able I hope to offer support to your efforts in more material ways.

Blessings to you!

(name withheld)





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  1. Beth Zion

    Well Fuller is known to be a apostate and heretical seminary in the first place. Now they let gays and queers attend there so they can go into churches and spew their sexually profane immorality.

    Being that he graduated from Fuller, this gentleman is the EOE (Embodiment of Evil) who cannot help anyone with his counseling skills he may have acquired there, compared to those who attended Rosemead School of Psychology a half hour down the freeway from them.

  2. Mark Sebree


    Given that your views are those that many would consider to be evil and hateful and unchristian, that means that Fuller is probably doing the right things.

    Consider. Christ was a liberal, as seen by the Gospel itself. He disliked bankers and loan sharks, especially when they used the temple to make money. He advised welcoming immigrants. He advised the wealthy to give their money to the poor. He welcomed and associated with the marginalized, the outcasts, the unwelcome of society. He healed those that could not afford an apothecary. He helped and advocated feeding those that were hungry. He championed peace.

    What’s more, if he was alive today, you would fight against him. He was liberal, and you cannot stand liberals. He had a swarthy, middle-eastern appearance, so you would fear him. He was an immigrant fleeing oppression by his government, so you would tear him from his parents, reject him, and kick him out of the country. He would preach accepting the marginalized like gays, and you would lie about him and disparage him.

    Additionally, I doubt that the psychiatrists that get their degree from Rosemead are very good. They are more likely to rely on superstition and mythology over science. They probably think that they have to convert the vulnerable to their irrational beliefs rather than help them. They probably demonize LBGT, making their problems worse and pushing them towards suicide and addition rather than actually help them accept that there is nothing wrong with who they are and who they love. If you are promoting them, then that means that they are probably ill-suited to handle many real world problems and issues in a compassionate and caring manner. After all, what would their likely course of treatment be for an atheist, a Muslim, an LBGT, or a Wiccan, assuming that the issue is, say, depression or social anxiety?

    Same sex couples and same sex marriages are no more immoral than opposite sex couples and opposite sex marriages. Just because you are a homophobe and hateful does not mean that anyone had to accept your personal, hateful option as anything other than your option, and nobody except you is bound by your opinion.

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