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Published August 12, 2019

Dear Friends:

Tomorrow will be the release day for a new book from our allies at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

MRFF works to support 100% religious freedom for all our military personnel in every part of our Armed Forces. They stand against the pervasive proselytizing, using command staff, to force troops of all ranks to uphold the ultra conservative fundamentalist view of faith and its political offshoots. California Church IMPACT has long been a supporter of MRFF in its work to guarantee our rights under the First Amendment and to protect people in minority religious positions, or of no faith at all, from forced religious indoctrination and compulsory worship in terms they don’t accept or believe.

This new book, “When Christians Break Bad”, is a compilation of hate email, letters, etc. received by MRFF Executive Director Mikey Weinstein and his family for the Foundation’s work upholding religious freedom for us all. Weinstein’s wife, Bonnie, is the usual recipient of this mail. She decided to make lemonades from those hateful lemons and published this book. Some of it is funny. Some is appalling. All of it offers insight into the world of absolutism and power desired by some, rejected by our Constitution.

For those who are interested in the issues of religious freedom, of separation of church and state, of freedom of conscience, this entry into the world of those desiring a theocracy and dominance over the world is of notable interest. You may link to the book here. We hope you find it of interest and that it is useful in understanding the world we do not wish America to be.

Thank you. Good reading!

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  1. I the Spy August 14, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    What about when Muslims break bad, like Nidal Hassan who shot up Ft Hood, or those who explode themselves on a public bus in Israel, or killed Christians in churches or set fire to people in cages, or tape many women in Germany, but hey, that does not bother Mikey because Muslim terrorists are his homies

  2. Grey One talks sass August 15, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    I the Spy May be one of the dumbest commentator on this site. The Gish Gallop they spewed is so off topic it’s not worth addressing each point.

    What is worth mentioning is I the Spy’s avoidance of Christians behaving badly. If other religions did a quarter of what Christian Nationalists have already done… Well, that would be a different conversation, amirite?

    I the Spy – fifteen pounds of stupid in a two pound bag (or so I’ve heard).

  3. Mark Sebree August 15, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    I the Spy,

    I have noticed that people like you ALWAYS hold Nidal Hassan up as a reason that Muslims should not be in the military, but they never address what drove him to his actions.

    Mr. Hassan was a Muslim in the Army. Nobody is denying that. He fought in Iraq for the USA before returning to the States. While deployed and after returning, he was subjected to harassment, bigotry, prejudice, and other insults to his sanity by his fellow soldiers and superiors. He repeatedly requested psychiatric help to help him deal with his problems, but was repeatedly ignored by the medical staff and his superiors. Eventually, the continued harassment, prejudice, bigotry, etc. that he suffered from his supposed “brothers in arms” caused him to snap, resulting in the deaths at Ft. Hood.

    The tragedy of Mr Hassan was not the fault of the Islamic religion. It was the fault of the cold, callus attitudes of the Army towards him because of his religion, and the Army’s failure to get him the help that he needed when he asked for it.

    As far as the rest of your Gish Gallop, not a single one of those things involves the US military in any way, much less instances of the military disrespecting the religious beliefs of his people, and especially military superiors disrespecting the beliefs of their subordinates and trying to force the superiors’ religious beliefs onto the subordinates. Therefore, none of them are the concern of the MRFF.

  4. Csi4law September 3, 2019 at 10:15 am

    I bet you are in Bonnie’s book. C’mon, you can tell us!

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