Thank You

From: MRFF Active Duty Military Family Clients’ E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Thank You
Date: October 1, 2019 at 12:45:16 PM MDT
To: [email protected]
Cc: (E-mail Address Withheld)


When our family was in one of the darkest places we have been in together, we did not know where to go for help. (spouse’s name withheld) had been victimized by two rabbis – one of whom is an Army officer and a chaplain. Chaplains, as you know from your years of honorable military service, are supposed to be the custodians of morale and wellness as well as the guardians of religious freedoms. That is what they are supposed to be, but it is seldom what they are. Our family discovered the hard way that too much of the Chaplain Corps is made up of bullies and zealots who will go to great lengths, to include violating Army regulations and the tenants of their own faiths to cover for each other in order to avoid accountability. We mistakenly trusted the deliverance of due justice to the leadership of (U.S.military installation name withheld): Specifically, (senior commanders names and ranks withheld). However, after ten months of negligence and marginalization, we were faced with the ugly truth: these “leaders” cared nothing for our family or for the injustices we had endured. We did not know where to turn after we exhausted all of the remedies the Army had in place. Every avenue ended with a disinterested commander who had neither the time nor interest in adequately addressing our plight. We heard about Military Religious Freedom Foundation from a friend of ours, who had been previously wronged by the same Chaplain Corps as we were and still are.

From the first time we spoke, we immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calm and the glimmer of hope we had not even dreamed of. We had been beseeched on all sides before you came galivanting to our rescue. The candor and fervor in which you advocated for us was inspiring. You gathered the facts from us, digested them, and demonstrated a complete understanding of those facts almost instantaneously – demonstrating not only your relatability, but your deep understanding of military law, regulation, customs, and culture. We remember the first time we spoke and referred to you as “Mr. Weinstein,” as we felt was appropriate given your reputation and resume. However, you immediately corrected us and demanded we call you “Mikey.” It was from that point on, that you continually made us feel like more than clients, but as family. Not only were you extremely personable, but you were immensely responsive. There was not a time of day or night when we could not reach you within a few minutes. Further, you zealously, and personally, advocated for us at every moment by constantly keeping the pressure on the Army to begin to right the indignities they visited upon our family.

What’s more, you were not simply the figurehead of MRFF with your lackies and underlings performing all of the leg work. It was you, Mikey Weinstein, there with us in the muck – in the filth. It was as if we were a horse, stuck shoulder deep in spring mud and you were a fearless passerby, instead of coaxing us on with words of encouragement while safe and dry, you dove into the mud with us. We knew the whole time that we were in it together. You took on our pain as if it was your own. Your empathetic demeanor was unshakeable and you flawlessly inserted professional, legally sound guidance in with bed side manner only possessed by the top 1%. You were our knight in shining armor and we would not have been able to continue fighting without you. G-d fearing people everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude for the work you do for the men and women in uniform. The radicals from fundamentalist denominations are wreaking havoc on the rights and freedoms of our service members and their families. MRFF is the only organization standing in their way. Knowing now the zeal of Mikey Weinstein, I would not want to trade places with those fanatics for all the whiskey in Ireland.

These words do not begin to touch what you have done for us, but: Thank you, Mikey.

The (name withheld) Family.

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