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From: U.S. Naval Officer’s/MRFF Client’s E-Mail Address withheld

Subject: Thank you!
Date: November 24, 2019 at 10:18:09 AM MST
To: [email protected]

Mikey and MRFF,
MRFF is a lifesaver! Thank goodness that one of my fellow officers told me this organization existed…within moments of my email, Mikey personally responded with an email and provided a phone number for additional information.
My concerns?? At a command sanctioned event, the CMEO ( command equal opportunity) advisor gave a Christian-centric blessing, including references to Jesus Christ.
Obviously I was aware of the line this crossed, and needed guidance; assistance with discussing this with my CO and how to take corrective action.
This was more than just me being uncomfortable with what had happened, but every member of the command had their their religious freedom violated and good order was definitely compromised that night.
Thankfully I have Mikey and the MRFF to provide support, both emotionally and legally, to ensure leadership is made aware of the travesty that they allowed to occur.
I cannot stress enough, you ARE NOT alone in this! Make the call or send an email. You will receive help and support, I can assure you that your concerns will be heard.
A proud Jewish Officer who loves her Navy (U.S. Naval Officer’s/MRFF Client’s name, rank, MOS, unit and installation all withheld)

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