Thank you MRFF

Mikey and the entire staff at MRFF,

I want to thank you for your quick response in regard to NAVSTA NEWPORTS “LEAD LIKE JESUS” set of talks. Within moments of first bringing it to the attention of MRFF, I was having a conversation with Mikey; who ensured that myself and the other 40 plus service members and DOD employees would be protected from any retribution or reprisal. Knowing that MRFF and Mikey are there to help not only those who find themselves singled out because they do not belong to the “right” religious group is very comforting. More so knowing that as a (Protestant denomination withheld) I can safely report an incident without being made to feel like less of a Christian, strengthened my resolve to stand up for this flagrant violation.

The importance of what Mikey and MRFF do for services members is so understated. Thankfully, myself and the other clients of MRFF know that we have a voice, regardless of our religious or lack of religious beliefs. I can only speculate how I might have reacted to this flyer had I been a junior member, or not known of MRFF and their mission. I certainly would have been more compelled to attend, as I would have wanted to be seen as a “leader” and the implication that the “Leaders” around me follow Jesus is pretty clear. But what if like other junior member’s I was not a christian? Seeing my senior leadership and peers going to attend a workshop devoted to “Leading like Jesus” would most certainly impact my self-worth and view of myself in the work place. With the staggering numbers of suicide in the military would I become just another statistic, a foot note in a report, or a short lived talking point?

Like many other clients and supporters of MRFF, I have no issue with Chaplains being part of the support network available to myself and my shipmates. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that a chaplain can provide a unit following a traumatic event. I have seen fellow shipmates of every faith speak with a chaplain and take something positive away from the conversation, unfortunately I have also witnessed the negative side as well. It is clear to me that had not but a handful of people (less than 50 on a base with a thousand or more) who stood up and said “hey, this is not right”; I will let you draw your own conclusion how it would effect a junior member or a non-christian.

Thank you again Mikey and the entire staff for your dedication to supporting and protecting the rights of believers and non-believers.


(Active Duty NAVSTA Newport MRFF Client’s name, rank, title all withheld)

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