Achtung Jooden

Yo momma did that?? That’s crazy I thought you people hated Hitler for putting an end to your parasitism in Germany 

(name withheld)


Anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Joos.

(name withheld)


Like the nerve I hit when I was laughing at your thieving relatives that Hitler took care of 🙂

(name withheld)






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1 Comment

  1. Marshalldoc

    Odd that idiot like this one portray Hitler’s extermination programs (Jews, Roma, LGBTQ, handicapped, etc) as some kind of victory when, in reality, his policies killed more Germans than Hitler’s failed attempts a genocide. Just shows how hatred clouds judgement. He might consider himself a ”Christian” but I doubt the (((Jesus))) would give him a second look.

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