Fort Sill Proselytizing Facebook Video

Click to watch (2:15) video on Fort Sill Facebook page

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  1. Marshalldoc

    Damn!! He was doing great ’till the last 11 seconds then he blew it!! Kind of odd that someone who can drone on & on about ‘Bruce’ the mechanical Great White Shark from Jaws and think anyone gives a flip is somehow qualified to be a bird colonel but hey, it’s the military.

  2. Sage on the Hudson

    Col. Nichols is perfectly entitled to say what he likes, and there’s nothing objectionable about what he says here, BUT it belongs on the base’s Chaplain’s Page, NOT the command page where it can, and will be, construed as both government giving its imprimatur to religious matters, but also that the Chaplain’s rank implying that all personnel of lower rank must subscribe to what he is preaching.

    The Chaplain’s Page was instituted and is maintained for a reason in the same way that in the street certain parts of the curb are painted red for a reason. There will always be people who think that that red curb doesn’t apply to them, but others come along and are inconvenienced or even injured by the others’ actions.

    You are, then, figuratively parking in YOUR superior officer’s parking space, Colonel.

    Call it rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, Colonel and stay on the page designed just for you.

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