Town Hall, protest planned over Walla Walla officer’s ‘SS’ tattoo

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1 Comment

  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    This is not my community so I have no say. What I do have is an opinion.

    If I was a citizen of the Walla Walla community I could not in good faith say that the police department of my city would protect every citizen.

    If as many have said the officer with the tattoo made an innocent mistake regrading Nazi imagery that implies to me an officer who is out of touch with history. It also tells me this is an officer who won’t dig for an answer, that they accept what’s on the surface. If I were a citizen under that police officer and a crime was committed I could not in good faith state that the officer would look for facts instead of easy let’s get the case closed stereotypes.

    Nazis aren’t good people. They may have started out good but accepting an ideology which promotes killing anyone not a Nazi…. well, there is a reason Germany does not honor Nazis with statues or other honorarium. There is a reason the MRFF fought so hard to remove Nazi symbols from the graveyard honoring our fallen brave.

    The officer is either clueless or lying. Either way they do not deserve a position in the police department in any city or state in the USA.

    End opinion.

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