Marine Corps under fire after canceling training session amid concerns about speaker’s Christian background

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  1. Yo mikey, your organization sounds much like the filthy bs rhetoric that spills out the mouths of antifa punks, and the racists at blm. YOUR A TERRORIST JUST LIKE THEM.
    THROUGH u in jail with hillary, and Nancy.
    Freedom of religion is GUARANTEED under the constitution you moron, but maybe if u had served in the military 4 13 yrs, u would know that!

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    When religion is finally banished from the public square it will be due to the efforts of organizations like First Liberty and Campus Crusaders for Christ. If either operated with honor or followed the Establishment Clause such an event would not have to be but as those who’ve commented here before know, Christian Nationalists do not share, use any position of power to force their religion where it doesn’t belong, and are brainwashed into thinking the USA was founded as a Christian nation.

    (Narrators voice – Fact check – the United States of America was founded as a Secular nation).

    The comment made above mine is all the evidence I need as they are not operating with all cylinders – not liking a person is not justification for placing them in jail or for accusing them of treason.

    Also – antifa literally translates to anti-fascist, meaning the Allies in WWII. So that means GlennScheuerman views themself as a Nazi?

    Are you sure Glenn?

    Did you really think your comment through? Or are you letting your racist freak flag fly?

    Inquiring minds are inquiring.

  3. Allan Baumann

    Oh Grey “Poop On” Talks Sass,
    Religion will never be banished from the public square oh foolish one.

    In this current age of cancel culture, I call for Mikey and MRFF to be cancelled.

  4. G

    Well Baumann, maybe if we took the tax exemptions from the churches, they will not be banished but will disappear because you can’t operate even a religious organization without money,.

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