Re: GOP U.S. Congress Members Continue Unmitigated Assault on MRFF and Religious Freedom

Dear Mikey et al

I hope you are showering often to wash away all negativity, and treating yourselves to rejuvenating massages.  I don’t know where you would find the time and money to do so, but I wish it for you.  I really worry about your physical and mental health under this kind of pressure, having read some of the hate-filled letters you receive.  May you be protected against all the venom.  
I grew up in a fairly progressive Presbyterian Church (my grandfather a minister), wandered away, and landed eventually with the Unitarian Universalists (one God, no hell).  Many of my UU friends are agnostic or atheist.  We don’t use the “G” word much.  But UUs are supportive, loving and generous; and they use their logic to problem-solve, reserving emotions to empathize with others.  We might talk something to death, but that’s better than pulling out a gun, I figure.  
Know that you are appreciated mightily.  I pray that you are able to hold the line, fight the good fight, and pass the banner on to someone as strong and clear as you when the time is right.  
Be well,
(name withheld)

From: (name withheld)

Dear Mikey:

Many veterans are standing with you!

What is happening with these soulless bigots in the Republican Party, is beyond disgraceful. With any luck,
after the November election, Collins and his ilk will be thrown on the trash pile of history, along with the orange
Hitler wannabe who stole the 2016 contest.

Keep up the good fight.

(name withheld)





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