A Norfolk Navy chaplain wrote a book calling Islam ‘evil.’ He says it’s been taken out of context.

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  1. Rael Nidess, M.D.

    That he’s unwilling to denounce his prior views and only pleads ‘context’ suggests his views haven’t changed regardless of his self-reported ‘ecumenical’ behavior.

  2. Allan Baumann

    Islam is evil, it is from the pit of hell. Just look at all the murder of Christians in Africa by Boko Haram in the name of Islam. The constant attacks on innocent Israeli citizens by Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad. The murder of a French Jew who was beat up and thrown out a window to her death. The Islamic attacks in Germany during Christmas several year ago. The constant Muslim rape squads in the UK and Germany of women and little children. Yes, Islam is evil, and every Muslim terrorist should be put down like an old dog, kill them before they kill you as it says in the bible.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    Christianity like any faith taken to the extremes turns light into darkness.

    As I’ve witnessed, all religion has a common message – to care for and love each other; a message of light to inspire and motivate humanity. Where everything goes dark is when the dogma of each religion becomes more important than the message.

    When who you hate is more important than who you love…

    Well, We The People have plenty of examples of hate in the comment section here.

    No religion is free of extremists. Even those of no faith have their extremists demanding everyone follow their “One Sure Trick” for the secrets of life.

    It is up to each of us to exercise our free will to embrace the light however that manifests in our life. Once we have our path it is our responsibility to join others who’ve found their light. We don’t have to agree (the idea is totally silly but still needed to be expressed) but we do need to shine our lights together.

    That is how extremism in all its forms is defeated.

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