Army Chief of Chaplains’ “Full-Court Press” to Promote Marriage Film by Homophobic Christian Group

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1 Comment

  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    I watched the movie. That’s an hour and change I’ll never get back – just saying…

    I have a few notes:

    In a branch of the Military comprised of many faiths and those of no faith the only perspective represented in the movie was Evangelical Christian.

    Throughout the film I heard a constant conflation between counseling and talking with a chaplain. The only person to mention Mental Health (that I remember and I’m not watching the film again) was Drew Carey who appeared at the very end. Not all Chaplains are certified as therapists and as a chaplain they don’t have the same skill sets. The movie doesn’t make clear the distinction.

    This was not a secular film. The prayer fest at the end made sure everyone knows Christianists are large and in charge.

    Music in a film should be almost an afterthought while watching. That didn’t happen in this film. I found the music to be heavy handed throughout and downright obnoxious at the end.

    To me this film is yet one more 2×4 the Christianist crowd wields in their battle against oblivion. If this is an example of their best attempts of relevance then their dissipation into the mists of history is well earned.

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