Christian love wasn’t meant to be weaponized: A retired Air Force chaplain and rabbi’s message

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  1. Patriot Pastor

    Christian love compels me to tell everyone that if they do not accept Christ as their Lord and Savior that they will spend eternity in hell. It was the love that Christ had for all humanity that led him to the cross to die for the sins of all mankind. All one has to do is accept His free gift of salvation, but if you reject it, then He says that the penalty of rejecting it is eternal death and suffering. Chose wisely!

  2. A.L. Hern

    “Christian love compels me to tell everyone that if they do not accept Christ as their Lord and Savior that they will spend eternity in hell.”

    That’s not love, it’s extortion, because it more than implies that these “loving Christians” will make life on earth a hell for anyone who refuses to get with their program (it should be noted that “pogrom,” the euphemism for state- and church-sanctioned murderous attacks on Jews in the 19th and 20th centuries, means “program” in Polish).

    Under American law, extortion also happens to be a felony. If you think your couching it in quasi-religious terms somehow insulates you from exposing yourself to proescution, think again.

    More basically, though, if you truly believed that your religion is the one true and valid one in the universe, you would be more than content to let everyone discover it, and come to it, in their own good time — which would make such converts and adherents much more devout than those who are, well, extorted or lured into it by false promises that those who administer said faith know full well they can never prove.

    As Jesus exclaimed in The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 8:26) O ye of little faith!

  3. Patriot Pastor

    A.L. Hern,
    There is no extortion here and you cannot be prosecuted in the United States for sharing your faith or evangelizing anyone. Last time I checked in the First Amendment, there is freedom of religion in this nation along with the freedom of exercising it. I do not use pressure tactics, I present the gospel and the love of Christ that he has for them and the sacrifice He performed on the cross for them. They have the freedom to either accept it or reject and move on.
    Jesus never told His disciples or followers to discover it on their own because He knew what was in the heart of men, and that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Besides, He commanded his disciples to Go into all the nations and preach the gospel, He never told them to say wait until they come to you.
    Matthew 8:26, you just showed your biblical ignorance by taking a verse of scripture totally out of context and twisted it, ala Satan, to fit your wicked agenda.
    So, whenever the First Amendment is amended or removed, I will continue obeying my Lord and preaching the good news of salvation to all who will listen, and even the first amendment is removed I will continue to do it, for I do not answer to Caesar, I answer to God.

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    Mods, is Patriot Pastor and Allan Baumann the same person? I ask because all of these Christianist types sound alike.

    Patriot Pastor, you are incorrect. There are examples of humans in the USA military facing prosecution for proselytizing to those in their command. This is a military site, not civilian. Please keep up.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    A L Hern,

    2000 years and a Christianist like Patriot Pastor believes there are still humans on the planet living in the USA who’ve not heard of Christianity?

    Wow. Seems to me Patriot Pastor doesn’t think much of anyone’s intelligence.

    I’d not heard the extortion argument as it relates to evangelicals. Thanks for the good read.

  6. George T

    PP, you can be prosecuted for abusing government resources for personal agendas. Doing so is a violation of a government agents oath of service and imposes on the religious rights of fellow citizens. I sincerely hope that you are not a government/military employee as you would be violating your oath by proselytizing.

    However, as a citizen you are free to spread your oppressive and hateful message all you want. Don’t be surprised when fellow citizens, including other Christians, reject you and your foolish antics.

  7. Patriot Pastor

    George T.,
    I am not in the military, hence the word Pastor. My message is not hateful or oppressive, but to only to those who think it is. May you have not heard the scripture says “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.” Also, Jesus said the “truth will make you free” and He was referring to the Truth that is His Word. Those who do not have the Spirit of the Lord are the ones truly oppressed and in bondage to your own sins and you do not even realize it, for Satan has blinded your eyes to the Truth that can only be found in Jesus. Your own spiritual blindness will only lead you to eternal judgment and punishment.

  8. George T

    PP, I am glad that you’re not in the military or government as you’ve shown that you’d be willing to violate an oath of service.

    Also, I can understand that your religion has taught you to hate reality. I am a former Christian and I’m aware of the “caged birds think flying is a disease” mentality that you display. Your assertions regarding “sin”, “Satan” and some sacred “truth” tied to your unfalsifiable religious assumptions are worthless until you can validate them. Your religious blinders will lead you to waste the only life you have, and to support religious impositions and violations.

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