WWII Vet Who Donated “Bible in a Box” Was Dishonored By Trump Administration

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  1. Patriot Pastor

    That is an outright lie.

  2. Me

    I second that! It is an outright lie!!

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    You two, Patriot Pastor and Me, do know that repeating a falsehood does not make it ‘magically’ true?

    The article on Medium is factual. The disparaging remarks made by the current administration are a matter of record (there are tapes! In a post Nixon era the occupier of the people’s house allowed themselves to be taped. LOL).

    Simply stated, the Bible in a box was not where the lawyers for the current administration claimed, meaning the Bible was here in the States, not lugged around during war or held as a keepsake in a POW camp.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say neither of you two kids has anything of worth to say, amirite? Aside from your standard repent or die crap that lost its effectiveness about the time penicillin was discovered.

    Well, you two do you. You do it so well. And remember, a lie is a lie and your holy book has a few ideas on the subject. Perhaps you should actually read the book someday, hmmm?

  4. Marley

    I don’t have an objection to the display of his personal effects but the attempt to rewrite history is abominable.

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