MRFF Assists Client in Obtaining Appropriate Punishment for Sexual Assault/Harassment by U.S. Army Chaplain at JBLM

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October 6, 2020

In late July/2020, MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein contacted Lt. General Randy A. George, Commanding General of I Corps stationed with the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) regarding the shockingly insufficient punishment meted out for a verified complaint of sexual assault/harassment that occurred involving a perpetrator and victim under his command.  MRFF’s client in this matter filed a complaint against Chaplain <rank withheld> <name withheld> regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment that was subsequently investigated by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) and resulted in probable cause being established for felony offenses.

The result of this finding by CID was that the JBLM Command issued the shockingly inadequate punishment of a local General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) for this sexual predator.  This inadequate level of punishment would conveniently disappear from this sexual predator’s military record completely and forever if/when Chaplain <name withheld> is assigned to another military location via Permanent Change of Station (PCS).  Upon PCS for this Chaplain/Perpetrator, the local GOMOR’s ‘disappearance’ would effectively erase this sexual predator’s crimes projecting a command tolerance, if not endorsement and validation, of these crimes of sexual assault and harassment.  Mikey’s letter to Lt. Gen. George in late-July on behalf of MRFF’s client demanded the immediate reopening of the CID investigation regarding the sexual harassment and sexual assault committed by Chaplain <name withheld> against another soldier under his command.  Mikey also demanded that the Army must then proceed to swiftly and aggressively press criminal charges against Chaplain <rank withheld> <name withheld> in a trial by General Court-Martial.

On October 6, 2020, Mikey verified information provided by MRFF’s client in this matter that a de novo investigation was conducted after Mikey’s demand letter to the JBLM Commanding Officer in late July/2020.  This new investigation led to Lt. Gen. George essentially ordering, after careful review, the previous “Local GOMOR” vacated and a “Permanent GOMOR” to be placed in Chaplain <name withheld>’s Army personnel file.  MRFF expresses its appreciation for Lt. Gen. George’s actions, officers such as Chaplain <rank withheld> <name withheld> have absolutely NO place in the United States Army or anywhere else in DoD!



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