Military Religious Freedom Foundation Founder and President Mikey Weinstein’s 2020 Year-End Appeal Message

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The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, needs YOUR support! Your completely tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue our fight in the courts and in the media to protect the constitutionally-guaranteed right of religious freedom for our U.S. servicemembers.

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  1. Stryper777

    May God “cut off” Mikey from this planet before the year ends.

  2. Mark Sebree

    May fate and providence (or whatever you call your deities) allow Mikey to live another 30 years so that he may continue to fight against religious oppression and discrimination in the military.

    May those that follow Styper’s beliefs and methods be subjected to those same methods by other religions. May they have done unto them what they do unto others.

  3. Stryper777

    God punishes those who are anti Christ and do not obey him. This means you too Mark.

  4. Mark Sebree


    A figment of your imagination cannot harm anyone. Neither I nor anyone else are subject to your hateful and intolerant beliefs. What’s more, logical fallacies like appeals to fear do not work on me. They just tell me that you have no defensible or logical argument to support your claims or position.

    What’s more, I never claimed that I am “anti-christ” or anti-religion. I never made any statement that you should not be able to follow your own beliefs in your own private life. I simply said that may you be subjected to the same methods by other religions as you desire to subject people of other religions and denominations to. This is actually Biblical. Don’t you remember the verse “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”? If you desire to punish people and threaten them because they do not follow your particular beliefs, then by that verse, you obviously desire to be punished and threatened by others because you do not follow their beliefs.

    I simply stated that others should treat you as you treat others. The problem for you is that you do not treat others very well. You wished for a person that is doing a lot of good for others to die in the next week. I countered that with the wish that he continue living and helping people for many years to come. Now ask yourself, which is the more “Christian” sentiment? Not the more theocratic and authoritarian (which is your usual position), but the more compassionate.

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