‘Beijing Biden Is Not My President:’ Troops’ Social Media Posts in Spotlight After Capitol Riots

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1 Comment

  1. Dave Kisor

    Sir, and I use that term advisedly

    Typical of the MFFR (?) to attack lovers of our Lord Christ Jesus like this innocent (?) Army chaplin (sp) Lt. Boyd in (the) Ohio Nat’ Guard.

    Boyd is not a Chaplain. He only wants to be.

    This isn’t just a Constitutional issue, but also of the UCMJ. I was carrier Naval Aviation. They used to show a filmstrip about a day in the life of a carrier that began with the narrator stating “The defenders of freedom enjoy far fewer freedoms than those they defend.” There are things you cannot do or say that are covered under the UCMJ.

    National is usually abbreviated Nat’l.

    To your credit, at least you didn’t end the sentence with a preposition.

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