“STAY OUT OF MONUMENT COLORADO!” Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Martin France

Mr. Wienstein and Military Religious “Freedom” Foundation,

My husband and I live in Monument Colorado and he is a proud veteran.

We and our kids and our friends and neighbors fully support the Veterans Memorial as it is.

The moment we heard that you had come to our peaceful Town with your MRFF hatred we knew what that meant.

You and your MRFF group are very well known as evil troublemakers who only target believers in Jesus Christ.

Interesting that you’re a jew since your tribe has historically invested much effort through the ages to harass and attack innocent Christians.

And now you have the unmitgate gall to go after a innocent Boy Scout and our little Town for our love of Christ and American soldiers?

No wonder you jews have been booted out of every country you’ve ever tried to seize control in and ruin.

Over 130 is the count now I believe. Great track record there Wienstein.

Why do you think that is?

You know the answer and so do we all.

Your a disgrace to the Air Force Academy that somehow dropped the ball and let you graduate.

Keep your long jewish noses out of our Town’s business Mr. Weinstein.

You and your fellow MRFF haters are not welcome here. Find other evils to do.

I’m sure there is banking system somewhere you can go co opt. Or go finance a Hollywood movie with jew actors to disparage Monument Colorado.

Or maybe even a Savior you can conspire and assassinate.

Because that’s what you jews and your MRFF do.

Don’t try to reply to us as this email address will reject your wickedness to throw more anti Christian hatred.

And remember that Christ is the Only Way Truth and Life. John 14:6


(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Martin France


Dear (name withheld),
I can tell from your cowardly email address that you won’t receive my response directly–you’ve anonymized your identity because you don’t want to publicly acknowledge your Constitutionally untenable position.  So, let me answer it anyway in order that others can see it on the MRFF site.
First, try using spell/grammar check when you send a note.  It would help with your credibility.
Secondly, you provide no Constitutional argument against the MRFF’s and, most importantly, its client’s complaints.  Instead, you fall back upon the most vile racist, anti-Semitic, ad hominem attacks, simply demonstrating your hatred and irrationality.  
If you do read this on the MRFF site and would like to present a legal or Constitutional argument, please let me know.
I will state a couple of simple facts:
1.  The MRFF is not attacking the Eagle Scout.  We are representing clients who know that government financial support for an exclusive, single religious perspective is absolutely verboten per the Establishment Clause.
2.  Our position is not anti-Christian, but pro-inclusion.  Not all veterans or citizens of Monument are Christian or even religious.  The Scout’s monument addresses ONLY Christians who believe that Jesus sacrificed his life for their sins.  It implies that ALL those in Monument or those buried in the cemetery and their families believe the same.  The clear fact is that they don’t.
3.  Assigning and using legally trademarked emblems of the military services with a purely sectarian, publicly-financed monument is clearly contrary to the Constitution and established law.
4.  The monument should be either removed or altered to not include a sectarian, single-perspective religious message with the service seals.
In conclusion, your message of hatred and fear has been received.  We know that your views are not shared by the overwhelming number of Monument’s citizens or Christians.  You (and they) have our sympathy.  Please seek help.
M France
Brig Gen, USAF (Retired)
MRFF Advisory Board Member

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Ted Furlow
Oh Lady (name withheld)!
Take a chill pill girl… as a Christian, I’m with you on John 14:6, but I take the Truth part to heart.  You are long on mouth and short on truth.  It was the Christians of Eastern Europe who ravaged the Jewish world with deadly pogroms, it was Christian Germany that executed the murder of 6 million Jews, and it is the self-professed Christians in this nation that perpetuate the excessive hatred of the others in the name of Jesus Christ.  I may be wrong, but you would be well advise to get your story straight before you cross the river to the great beyond.  Jesus will not play games with those who profane his name.
I have no expectation you will get this since the modus of your ilk is use fake addresses; if you do, know that I am an Eagle Scout since 1958, and while I applaud the boys project, it’s just in the wrong place.
Getting it wrong seems to be theme for this problem….
Ted Furlow
Advisory Board Member
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Response from MRFF Supporter
Dear “Jane Doe”I feel like this is going to be a complete waste of my time.  I love when cowards like you use fake names and e-mails to present their side of the case.. Often wrong but I digress…We are not “attacking” anyone, let alone an awesome Boy Scout.  We are however trying to right a wrong…  Not sure you understand that concept.  This concept means:  What the scout did was hurtful to many many Americans.  We are helping him correct the wrong. There are of course a few ways to do this…. but In don’t think you really care.  You just want to spew shit out of your brain…..Your attack on MRFF and Mikey is sooooooooooooo funny!  Do you understand that the majority of the MRFF are Christians?  I am a Christian although I am not like you.  I am much more tolerant and courteous than you are.  Mikey has many many Christians including myself.   Mikey had a son in the Scouting program for years. His son earned Eagle Scout.  You really do not know what you are talking about…  I will pray for you and your soul.  I wish you a very happy life. (name withheld)
Eagle ScoutChristianFriend of Jews!


Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Hi (name withheld),
It never surprises me that the stupid, bigoted ones use fake addresses to spill their drivel. Nor is it any longer a shock that those who defile Christianity by claiming to represent it while demonstrating a complete ignorance of what Jesus was teaching while he faced cowards and know-nothings like yourself. So let me simply ignore your repulsive anti-Semitism and your blasphemous pretence and simply address your ignorant statements and accusations.
The MRFF is indeed well known, but only for protecting the right to free thought and belief on the part of the women and men in the military as well as for supporting the American principle of separation of church and state.
The MRFF does not “target believers in Jesus Christ.” In fact, over 95% of those associated with the MRFF are believing Christians. They are just not the pretend-Christians who maintain a cult that claims the title while cheapening and destroying the very teachings of Jesus.
The MRFF is not attacking a Boy Scout who created a monument. He has every right to do so. We are only pointing out that said monument violates the separation of church and state and must be moved to a proper place.
The rest of your self-desecrating drivel only clarifies your moral and mental poverty while exposing your Nazi-esque sympathies.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere


Your acrimonious anti-Semitic, anti-American & anti-Christian attack on a fellow American you do not even know because he was born of a Jewish mother (like Jesus, his disciples & biblical authors) concerning violations of the United States Constitution, American law & Department of Defense regulations you clearly do not comprehend reflect only on yourself & reveal repugnant religious racism. Your cowardly anonymity confirms you posses neither courage nor conviction.
Your malicious message is morally misdirected. It should be redirected at those irresponsible adults who did not posses the intelligence or integrity to advise the young Eagle Scout his project as presented could not be placed on government property and government endorsed because it is illegal in the United States of America.
You are advised real Christians do not hate their neighbors. Read & reflect on 1 John 2:9-11, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27 and Psalm 50:17-21.
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of over 80% Christians)

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  1. Issy

    I am disgusted after reading this letter.

    The lies that are told to these gullible “followers of Christ” are astoundingly dangerous. The big question is this: Why does their fear and lack of knowledge end up in violence against people they don’t even know? It is indefensible.

  2. Paula

    “Vandals toppled statues dedicated to children who died in the Holocaust at a Jewish museum in Oklahoma, police say.”

    Darn Jews! Oh, wait! The perpetrators probably identify as christians. Who is the group committing destructive, vicious, hateful acts of disrespect and violence?? Jews? Nope. “christians.” Good old bible-thumping christians. Those whose lives are governed by fear and anger and the need for revenge. The sad, confused group. The group that wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. The folks who love to use hateful stereotypes and epithets to describe and address Jewish people. The troglodyte group. Those whose favorite form of sport is committing treason against the country in which they exist. Those who thumb their noses at people who do not walk through life goose-stepping to Nazi tunes. The woeful, pitiful creatures of shadows and dark corners. christians.

  3. A.L. Hern

    All the replies to the original letter miss the point: the writer’s text and tone prove it’s not the specifics of the monument or any imagined defense of “religious freedom” motivating him or her; rather, he or she is using “religious freedom” as a pretxt for the airing of his or her anti-Semitism, which was clearly not triggered by this matter, but has always been deeply ingrained in the individual.

    What could be more un-Christian, then, than cravenly hiding behind Jesus’s skirts while indulging in exactly the sort of naked bigotry that Jesus, himself, preached against?

  4. Ironmoped

    To Paula,
    In other words, Republicans! The party of hate! You know, the ones that love Jesus…….And Trump!
    The ones with measurable diminishment of intellectual capacity by way of the area of their brains they go to when they feel threatened. The slightest perceived provocation sets them off. They run to the Jesus closet in their heads where they keep their vitriol and anti semitism and seditionists insurrection!
    It’s always amazed me how Christians have co-opted “Jesus” into their vitriol, the Jew they pray to and profess to love! The Savior!
    Yes, that very brown and long-nosed Jew, Jesus Christ!

  5. Just The Facts Man

    Martin France is a lying communist dicksucker. Of course, MRFF was bullying a 16-year-old boy, who was freely expressing his 1st Amendment rights to Free Speech and Free Expression on a plot of ground purchased by he and his family with PRIVATE donations–NOT taxpayer dollars contrary to what these lying faggots in New Mexico have said.

    We have a bunch of retired faggots from the military sucking each other’s dicks in Albuquerque while using the Internet to conduct searches to go on witchhunts for Christians that have military ties, so that they can try to silence them. Only MRFF’s cockholes are allowed to be opened to express themselves and their anti-Christian sentiment. Anyone pro-Christian and pro-military has to stay quiet according to these far left, communist faggots and dykes at MRFF.

    A 16-year-old boy in Colorado was bullied and harassed by these atheist pigs in New Mexico.

    And before you go after me for not using my real name, you can shut your dicksuckers right there. The far left, which you cunts are a part of, have been on an endless crusade to cancel the free speech of people, who aren’t liberal pigs like you. People should have a right to call you out without fear of reprisal.

  6. Just The Facts Man

    The Democrat Party invented self-victimization behind a wall of identity politics where everyone has rights unless you’re a straight, white, Christian male.

    There is no such thing as equal rights for all under Democrat Party identity politics, and Mikey’s fag-ass organization is prove of this. According to Mikey and the MRFF, the rights of Christians should always be comprised to the rights of communists, faggots, feminazi sluts, atheist pigs, and other religions.

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