Eagle Scout’s Memorial Called a ‘Wretched, Unconstitutional Dumpster Fire’ Because it Includes Name of Christ

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  1. Richard Venne

    sounds like military religious freedom group is a joke Jewish Muslim Christianity or what every . that is religious freedom believe what you wish leave the kid alone .

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Richard Venne – this isn’t a joke. It’s one more battle between Christianists and the Constitution.

    Do you ever wonder why MRFF is under fire for “attacking” Christianity?

    I did and I started to dig because I’m a curious old soul. There are a few constitutional issues with other faiths but the crew that captures the prize for the most chutzpah while simultaneously practicing hypocrisy are Christian Nationalists. These aren’t Christians like my mom – they are the murder hornets of the religious world.

    Christian Nationalists know the rules but don’t care because the end goal of the Christian Nationalist is to turn the USA into a theocracy. Don’t believe me – look into Seven Mountains and Dominionism to see for yourself. Might want to bring a friend. Not really late night reading material (looking at you Jesus Camp. I still have nightmares).

    Every attack on our Constitution is an attack on We The People. Time to choose a side Richard – secular as the founding fathers intended or theocracy with all the oppression and suffering that follows (see all of history for the receipts on how that turns out.)

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