Town of Monument refuses to remove religious memorial

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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    Firstly, by secretly selling the land, the town of Monument has disposed of a public asset without the knowledge or consent of the taxpayers to whom that land belongs. That surely is contrary to Colorado law, and may expose the town council or supervisors to civil tort or criminal prosecution, especially since that sale was clearly conducted for the personal gain of the town’s officials, in this case being in the form of sectarian advancement of their religion.

    And though MRFF has stated correctly numerous times that Eagle Scout Miachael Carlson is not responsible for the illegal imbroglio this has become, the fact remains that while, due to his age and an understandable tendency in most people to assume the religion and teachings in which he was raised are all that is, or that matter, he may not have been aware of the unconstitutionality of his memorial as constructed, HE DOES NOW.

    The saddest fact in all this is that Eagle Scout Carlson could end this matter today by admitting that he’d failed to investigate whether his memorial passed constutional muster, and by denouncing the illegal action of those who run the town of Monument, Colorado and, furthermore, by recommending that the memorial be moved to private property that was not, in effect, confiscated from the citizens of Monument. That he has not done so makes him complicit in their actions, and should prompt the Boy Scouts of America to consider revoking his Eagle Scout status.

  2. Mark Sebree


    I can think of another possibility. He may not know of the brouhaha that his monument created. Do I think that is likely? No. However, it is still a possibility. He could simply be someone that does not read the news at his age, and his parents have not told him about it.

  3. G

    You look at many prominent people who have won the Eagle Scout award in this country, and that their award should have been revoked a long, long, long time ago with the crimes that they have committed against humanity

  4. Alex Scarborough

    Mister Weinstein,

    Thank you for bringing my attention to this beautiful monument completed by a Boy Scout. That is a great Eagle project. I would have never seen it had it not been for your personal hatred and bigotry, The LORD works in mysterious ways.

    The message and its sentiment reflects so well on a Jewish Rabbi and the American Soldier and honors those who deserve honor. Such powerful and poignant words so eloquently stated in an economy of words is rare. It certainly deserves the attention that you have created and brought to it. Beautiful words worth repeating:

    “Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American soldier. One died for your soul, the other died for your freedom. We honor those who made freedom a reality.”

    I must say that your great concern for the military’s logos and the appropriation of the same sounds hollow and self serving. Honoring those in the military who “made freedom a reality” with the insignias of the organizations with which they accomplished seems totally appropriate and dignifies those branches of the military.

    Finally I hope that one day soon your soul can find rest in the truths stated in the memorial. Know that I and others are praying for your peace and that your torment on earth can be ended so that you don’t have to puff yourself up any longer by attacking children.

    May the LORD bless you and keep you. May HIS glorious face shine upon you and bring you peace. This is my hope.

  5. George T

    Mr. Scarborough,

    Usage of military seals is conditional, and in this case those conditions have been violated. The scout leadership and government officials have used this boy as a pawn to violate constitutional law.

    I sincerely hope that you better educate yourself regarding the benefits of government/religion separation.

    May knowledge illuminate your clouded mind (^_^)

    – GT

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