Air Force PJ’s

Good Afternoon,

After reading your piece today in DailyKos (not the first time I’ve followed your writing), it’s time to ask a question.

A dear family member is considering enlisting into the Air Force with the goal of making it through the pipeline to the Para Rescue team.  As far as you know, is this group relatively insulated from the evangelical pressures and outreach from Air Force ministers?  I’m hoping the answer is yes.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for the work you do to maintain separation of church and state.  A niece was sucked up into an evangelical cult in the Midwest and it’s ruining her life.  I’m particularly on alert since the Jan 6 insurrection revealed ex-military ties to extreme groups.


(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

Thank you for your kind letter Mary… Wanted to respond right away… Unfortunately I have to report that the closer you get to the point of the spear in combat the more fundamental is Christianity you see…Special Operations forces are absolutely the worst!… So this includes Navy SEALs, Army rangers and Delta and Green Berets, Marine Corps Raiders and, yes, Air Force PJs… Happy to talk more about this if you would like to chat 505-250-7727… Excellent question by the way…

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