Former Military Member Praises MRFF as a Beacon of Hope that Respects all Religions

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I am a former military member who has felt the reassurance of support that MRFF offers when it seemed that I was alone in my fight.  History is replete with movements that used the resources of others, took advantage of good will and ignorance, and plotted to take over everything from property to family units to empires. I believe that they all eventually collapsed in favor of the inevitable because their motivations were greed, power, dominance, and other weaknesses that we would normally attribute to the Devil.  Hubris, in other words unjustified pride, will do such movements in, at some point; but pity those poor souls that they harm in the process.  MRFF does much to ameliorate this harm from a lonely high moral ground.  That is probably all that reasonable and sane people can do.  Movements will come and go; but the real movement is inevitable.  Nobody is going to dominate the world.  The United States had the opportunity to be the moral leader of the world and fortunately still does.  Fundamentalists don’t want that.  Moral leadership would not support misguided demagogues.  Dominance through power is the preferred method of leadership for them.  The moral questions would be handled by those who have the power.  I have seen some of them up close.  I have seen how they operate.  I have even had them try to harm me at more than one point in time.  But they are not the brightest bunch.  That does not mean that they are not mean!  They are not to be feared; but they must be resisted.  One has to watch one’s back and avoid them in groups, when they have the courage of the clamoring pack.  I believe that True religion is about actually trying to figure out what is morally acceptable daily and on an individual basis.  Any organized religion that espouses that concept is legitimate. Morality transcends all religions; it preceded all religions.  It applies also to secularism, and even to atheism for those who feel they have enough evidence to deny God.  There is no avoiding a proper moral choice.  One can legitimately debate what a moral choice is.  A grievous moral crime will be recognized as such to all reasonable people regardless of their religious faith.  One practical proof of this concept is evident when official government representatives deny the holocaust. Why? Because they know that such a moral outrage is wrong even in their own religion.  Thank you Mikey!  May you live long and may your beacon shine strong on our flag and our people.

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