Marvelous Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell to Detractor's "Son of the Devil" Email

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Michael Weinstein,
The list of Satan’s henchmen who have tried to fight our Savior Christ Jesus is long and distinguished by the fact that they all lost.
You are merely the latest such evil warrior for Lucifer and you will lose as well.
What a disgrace you are to your parents and children and grandchildren and your so-called “enablers” at your Devil Den AKA the MFFR.
What a disgrace you are to the Air Force Academy, the Air Force and to all of our armed forces.
All of the Heavenly Host and the Angels will rejoice when you die and are flushed directly to the fires of hell which your Father of Lies, Satan, has prepared for you.
Know that you are hated and despised, Michael Weinstein, evil Son of the Devil.
May Jesus make your death be slow and painful just as Jesus has ordered for your eternity.
Classmates from your AF Academy Class of 1977 who love the Lord Jesus Christ and pray Psalm 109 to be delivered from your evil and that your remaining days be few and miserable

Response from MRFF Supporter Monty Montgomery

Another message from the spineless, nameless haters that proclaim to represent Christ. Your hate filled message could never represent the love of the God you claim to represent. The rooster crows for you, because like Peter you claim to support Christ but you will not attach your name to your hateful words. Pride does NOT ride with you or the evil you espouse. Attach your name and a legitimate email if you grow a spine and we can have a real conversation.
Monty Montgomery
Class of 1977 USAFA

Response from a MRFF Supporter
Dear ”justpassingthru,”
Sad to see that you completely misunderstand the warnings you extended to Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF. Heaven, hell, the devil, angels, and Satan are all a concept concocted to keep you Christians who believe that crap in line. Just as with Santa Clause for children, you are supposed to grow out of these superstitions. But it looks like it’s up to me to tell you to grow up and think rationally. There is no such thing as Heaven, hell, angels, the devil, and Satan. It is all a concoction of Christian leaders from many, many centuries ago to keep their superstitious flock to believe. Come into the 21st century and learn the truth. We won’t blame you for your stupidity.
A logical-thinking person
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
Your acrimonious & asinine attempt to threaten a fellow American with your vacuous & vengeful deity version is as ignorant as it is insolent.  Hurling hypocritical hatred anonymously at others reflects only on yourself & reveals only despicable derangement. You speak for no one but your sordid self & your contemptible cowardliness shows you have neither the courage nor conviction to provide your correct identity.
You are no Christian. Real Christians do not hate their neighbors (Psalm 50:17-21; Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27; 1 John 2:9-11). Even Renaissance Philosopher MACHIAVELLI wisely warned those who cannot avoid being hostile to their neighbors are ungrateful to God (“Exhortation to Penitence”, 1527).
“There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” – WILL ROGERS (American Humorist).
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of 84% Christians)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Hey, creep with no name. I urge you to give some thought to what pride goeth before. You reveal yourself, chump, because that’s where you’re headed.
Your use of the world ‘disgrace’ makes me smile at your utter ignorance of the irony it contains. Of course I’m being generous in using the word ignorance because ignorance implies only not knowing and thus being capable of learning. I suspect in
your case it’s just true stupidity wrapped in a blanket of fear.
The irony threaded throughout your moronic message is that you aren’t capable of understanding the true disgrace you
are to the root concepts embodied in the teaching of the one you so grossly insult by claiming him as your “Savior Christ
Jesus.” Can you actually be so dense as to not know how embarrassed he is that mental midgets like you lay claim to
his name in the process of belching disgust at people you fear because you see that they are your superiors in every
aspect of life?
Your pretense at a relationship with Jesus is as fake as your claim to speak for Air Force Academy graduates. You and
your cowardly bellowing are as meaningless to the real world of faith and truth and decency as the craven maunderings
of all the rest of the faux-Christians who, like you, pretend piety as they strike out at things and people who terrify them because they haven’t the capacity to grasp how such people have the courage to live lives of dignity and honesty while caring for others.
It’s clearly beyond your capacity to understand how thoughtful, principled people continue to act in the best interests of
others in spite of the efforts of self-promoting bigots like you to undermine them by sniping from behind a facade of psuedo-religious nonsense.
Though I sincerely doubt it will pierce the shield behind which you cower, I’ll offer the words of Pelagius: “It’s not believing in Christ that matters, it is becoming like him.”
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Supporter
Dear Mr. “justpassingthru”,
Satan is a fake and a liar, and many of his henchmen actually use the label “Christian” but do not practice the commandment to love our neighbor. If you want to see a henchman, I suggest you look in a mirror rather than harass people who are trying to uphold the Constitution.
Threatening people whose missions you do not understand goes counter to The Great Commission. No one rejoices when anyone goes to hell. All heaven rejoices when the lost sheep is found, as they will rejoice when you figure that out. Peace be with you.
(name withheld)

Response From a Long Time MRFF Supporter John Michels Jr.
Dear whatever,
I am a classmate of Mike Weinstein’s and serve as the class scribe for the Air Force Academy Class of 1977.  I saw your bizarre email to Mike and decided to respond because I am growing  weary of fools purporting to represent my class and its members writing incomprehensible and bigoted messages to Mike. 
I am going to keep this short and simple because your attention span appears to be limited, as does your level of verbal comprehension. I am not going to address you using the words of our class motto because I do not believe you are a member of the Class.  Instead, you are a member of another class entirely, a class of ignorant, bigoted, and hate-filled individuals who continued to pepper Mike and his family with crude threats and theological drivel.
Let me confirm for you, as someone who is in regular contact with the majority of the members of the Class of 1977, that your thoughts (I’m being generous here) in no way reflect the sentiments, desires or anything else of the Class.    Your claim to such knowledge is, as we say in the legal business, so much bovine scatology.
So spare all of us your  alleged “divine” insights as to Mike and our classmates.   Instead, you should work on understanding those parts of the New Testament you appear to have neglected in your haste to cast stones. I’ve even giving you a hint as to where to start.
Good luck.  You’ll need it.
John Michels Jr.
USAF Academy, Class of 1977

Response from a MRFF Supporter Renee Reif
Mr. [email protected]
I am continually blown away by the hatemongering from so-called Christians, who claim to love America but clearly can’t stand Americans.
The list of Satan’s henchmen must be proud to have you at the helm, because, as I was raised by my beloved grandmother who truly reflected all of Jesus’ teachings for humanity, I can’t imagine any true Christian trying to use imprecatory prayer on people for whom you know nothing and are not interested in truly knowing.
What a disgrace you are to your parents and children and grandchildren, though I imagine that you are the lead henchman of your enablers, a demographic within the human species that clearly lacks any sense of humanity.
I won’t call you a disgrace to any branch of the military as your message screams clearly the lack of any formal education, let alone enough to have spent any time in any uniform. If, by some odd chance, you ever did wear a uniform, you would be the disgrace to all of us veterans. For you seem to lack the comprehension that the military is one of the most diverse institutions in this country, and, therefore, includes service members of all belief systems, many nonChristian. If you truly had spent any time in uniform, you would know this, though, I doubt your version of Christian cares, since you obviously don’t care enough about the veteran who is Michael Weinstein who is still, to this day, defending ALL of us in uniform, not just those you deem worthy.  If you truly ever wore a uniform, you would know that we often don’t have a voice when we are under superiors who behave with tyranny, intentional or unintentional. Mikey and the MRFF defends those who don’t have a voice, and helps those of us who, despite not wearing a uniform any longer, may need help in situations that discriminate against us, such as the memorial at the Monument cemetery.
I’m going to share some information with you, for the possibility that you have the required comprehension:
1. As a retired, Humanist veteran of Jewish ancestry, I am also a veteran’s daughter, and a former active duty army wife. I know full well the meaning of sacrifice. Understand that our sacrifice isn’t just for YOU, but for ourselves as well; I also get to enjoy a neutral government that doesn’t put the beliefs of others over my own and that of my family.
2. We recognize the hard work of the Eagle scout, but I do not identify with the sectarian message on that memorial; neither I nor the MRFF take issue with the scout’s intentions or efforts.  The adults around this scout failed not only the scout, but also failed all who have served and continue to serve who are not Christian. The MRFF is one of the few institutions that not only values MY service but defends my right to be represented by a neutral government, since service members and many veterans CANNOT defend themselves on this issue.
3. Rather than learning themselves and helping this scout to learn about others, the adults around him would rather pretend to be victims and continue excluding an entire demographic of veterans who are not Christians.
The Boy Scouts of America has a publication “Religious Emblems Program,” which states:
He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.”  The adults around this scout are clearly ignoring this BSA directive.
The town of Monument’s cemetery is a PUBLIC cemetery that allows people to purchase the “right” to be buried there. While we can buy the right to be buried there, the city still owns the cemetery. Rather than working to fix the problem, city officials are using the scout as a political pawn to ignore the fact that our military is among the most diverse institutions in our country and members share many different belief systems-RIGHT HERE IN EL PASO COUNTY!
Rather than having integrity, admitting a mistake and working to fix it, these ADULTS prefer to feign personal attack, and continue the exclusion of an entire demographic of service members and veterans who are not Christian.  This behavior promotes an “us versus them” mentality both inside the ranks and in the broader community.
4. Please don’t be so ugly on the inside so as to think that my own service and that of the thousands of other veterans who are not Christian have no value, and should be ignored, that my own government should endorse one belief system over all others. This isn’t about free speech-free speech is personal; governments do not have speech.  This is about my government putting one family’s belief system over the beliefs of all others. I did NOT wear the uniform to become excluded.
Just an FYI: imprecatory prayer wasn’t ever intended for people like you. If you actually READ and LEARN about this Psalm, you would know this.
Renee Reif
Veteran, veteran’s daughter, former army wife, and long time MRFF supporter in Fountain


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