STONEWALLING: Town of Monument won’t remove Christian veterans memorial from its cemetery

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  1. gene

    Is Mikey messing around in graveyards again? I thought that he would be content with being the lead in the vandalizing of those two POW graves in San Antonio. But Mikey is not satisfied with his a great victory over two dead foreign soldiers buried about 75 years ago. He is trying again to use other’s resources to destroy the serenity and sanctity of another grave yard. Very impressive.

  2. George T

    gene: No, our government is giving Christians special treatment and privileges again. Doing so is a violation of The Establishment Clause.

    Hope you better understand and appreciate the benefits of government/religion separation (^_^)

  3. gene

    George, politics never belong in graveyards, free governments should not determine what is written on headstones and monuments or what is allowed to remain on headstones and monuments. It is a very local matter, therefore a private matter. What happened to freedom of thought? if I do not like someone’s thinking, I stay away from them .( I have made an exception for Mikey because of what happened in San Antonio near my father’s gravesite ) Everyone has different world views.

  4. George T

    gene: I agree that politics don’t belong in graveyards. It’s unfortunate that this local government doesn’t agree with us. They’ve given special privileges to one religion via a Boy Scout’s project. A local matter that puts the local government in violation of national law.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    Gene is talking about the removal of the headstones removed due to their Nazi symbology.

    Rather than reconsecrate the ground to ensure their ancestors are at peace they’ve decided to blame another for their own inaction.

    Nazis are not politics. Nazis are about death to anyone they deem as other. Their ideology has no place in any sacred space.

    Gene has commented about this old issue all over the site. Seems to me that Gene is mad the Nazis were made to leave. Prove me wrong Gene.

  6. Patriot Pastor

    Way to go City of Monument.

  7. Grey One Talks Sass

    Patriot Pastor – you mean to congratulate a city which tried to bypass any accountability for their actions in promoting specific religion? An act specifically prohibited by the Constitution, a document you’ve professed to hold in some high regard?

    Our ideas of what is moral, respectful, or honorable differ as I find upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be one of the most worthwhile purposes to dedicate oneself.

    We will, as always, disagree.

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