Sincere thanks for the kind email

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From: (Active Duty Col. MD name and email withheld)
Subject: Sincere thanks for the kind email
Date: July 26, 2021 at 1:42:27 PM MDT
To: Mike Farrell
Cc: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Hello Mr. Farrell:

I wanted to share with you the news that I have recently been promoted to Colonel in the Army. This has been a lifetime dream that started with watching all of you characters on MASH. 

If only I had 1/10th of the charm of COL Potter to go with my ‘Bird’.

Thank you again for your inspiration so long ago, and your continued work for MRFF.

(Active Duty U.S. Army COL. MD Name Withheld)

Response to Active Duty U.S. Army Colonel MD fromMRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Jul 26, 2021, at 4:12 PM, Mike Farrell wrote:

Thanks for this, Mikey. I’m twice blessed here. I’ve had only brief contact with Joe, but deeply admire the work he and the SPLC do. They help keep us awake and aware.

As for Dr. (Name Withheld), now Col. (Name Withheld), I can only once again express my admiration for his efforts on behalf of our country, congratulations on his promotion, and gratitude for his willingness to not only get the message of M*A*S*H, but bring it to life in as courageous a way as is humanly possible.

I’m in your debt.
Mike Farrell

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