MRFF Op-Ed on LA Progressive: “Fort Dix Soldiers Demand Removal of Christian Cross Sculpture Display”

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Currently sitting in the primary entrance lobby of the Mission Command Complex of the 84th Training Command at Fort Dix in New Jersey is a grouping of small but very noticeable statues. On the left is a soldier posed with his weapon. On the right is a soldier carrying a fallen soldier. But it’s the sculpture in the middle that a group of 17 soldiers, including the soldier who sent the below photos to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), want removed.

To the soldiers, this sculpture, the focal point of which is a Christian cross, is a completely unacceptable and in-your-face promotion of Christian supremacy by the command. The MRFF client, who encountered the display on a visit to Fort Dix and sent the photos to MRFF, described it as “quite jarring.”

Close up of Christian cross sculpture at entrance to Training Command building

The sculpture grouping is clearly not some commissioned artwork that much work and expense went into. These are inexpensive mass produced statues that can be bought on Amazon (also see here) or even cheaper from garden centers.


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