MRFF Op-Ed on LA Progressive: “Sorry, Soldier, MRFF Isn’t Buying Your Sudden Religious Devoutness Against Vaccines”

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As was widely reported yesterday, the Department of Defense announced via a memo from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that all service members will be required to get vaccinated against COVID no later than mid-September, or immediately upon full approval by the FDA, whichever comes first. The Pfizer vaccine is expected to receive full FDA approval in early September.

The COVID vaccine now joins the list of many vaccines that service members are already required to get, and service members have been getting all these other vaccinations for decades without putting up a fuss. But the COVID vaccine … well, that’s a different matter.

Not surprisingly, the disinformation and politicization surrounding the COVID vaccines are leading numerous service members looking for a way out of getting the life-saving jab. 

Also not surprisingly is that one of the vaccine-evading tactics that many anti-vaxxer service members are attempting to use is claiming that they object to the vaccines on religious grounds. This has led numerous service members, after searching the web for organizations that protect religious freedom in the military, to contact the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). The phone calls and emails started coming in even before it was officially announced that the military would be requiring the vaccinations.


But the service members contacting MRFF aren’t genuinely religiously opposed to vaccines. If they were they would already know about religious accommodation requests because they would have previously submitted them to be exempted from the many other required vaccinations. Their only devotion is to disinformation and “owning the libs” by refusing the vaccine.

As can be imagined, some of the emails and phone calls being received by MRFF are beyond ridiculous in their convoluted attempts to make this a religious freedom issue.


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