Catholics in Support of COVID Vaccine

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From: Catholic MRFF Supporter’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Catholics in Support of COVID Vaccine
Date: October 13, 2021 at 4:03:09 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein

As a Catholic, I have the greatest respect for Archbishop Broglio, his service to the church and his flock. Nothing in my views on vaccines changes that.

Over time there have been many controversies over many different vaccines. These are certainly personal opinions and decisions.

However, just as our conversation toward one another, and ability to work through disagreements has changed (unfortunately for the worse), our communication style has something in common with vaccinations; that being the general unwillingness to consider others.
Pope Francis has urged all Catholics to get vaccinated. To protect all, as an act of love. Pope Francis has called this a lifesaving and an ethical obligation. Do we not “violate the sanctity of conscience” when we do not consider the most vulnerable?
In the matter of vaccines, consider the words of the Pope Francis, and the value of considering others in all things; from vaccines to daily communications and conflict resolution.

Catholic MRFF Supporter

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One Comment

  1. Ironmoped October 14, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    “His flock?” Really?
    Either Archbishops are, as a matter of selection, a bit short on intellectual capacity or Broglio knew full well the implications of his statement, which amounts to an appeal to service members to ignore their mandates and question military authority.

    Your defense of Broglio’s “service” belies his actions. It’s akin to saying the 216,000 children molested in France by the clergy (just one country) is not representative of “the church!” Actions speak louder than words and “the service” of Broglio in his profession doesn’t exempt him from criticism when he gives out bad advice that compromises military readiness as he tries to play epidemiologist!

    Maybe he should focus his “services” on getting rid of pedophile priests!

    And do “the flock,” whoever they are, really need a Pope to tell them to take a vaccine? If they do then perhaps they’re part of the problem. I recommend they fill their pockets with tools and walk into the ocean!

    Statistically, COVID deaths in the MAGAsphere far outnumber those of non and never Trump supporters. In other words, Republicans are literally killing their own, “freedom… freedom…. freedom!…..USA….USA…….USA!”
    I call it natural selection.

    The military doesn’t have a choice as an instrument of war with regard to vaccines, e.g. the anthrax vaccine and many others.
    Your Archbishop does have a choice and knows full well what he’s saying with his call for military insubordination.

    The military and Federal employees aside, there should be two vaccination choices, one for MAGA supporters and one for rational people.
    MAGA supporters should NOT take the vaccine and gather regularly in large crowds, without masks.

    All others should take the vaccine, social distance, wear masks, avoid large gatherings, and wash their hands often!
    Too easy!

    As an aside, I’m sure you know the Pope put out a decree that clergy will cease and desist from referring to their flocks as “perks!”

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