MRFF Rescues Halloween from Deputy Commander’s Religious Zealotry In Less Than 4 Hours

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In about the same amount of time it takes to complete a World Series game, MRFF was able to successfully assist 51 active duty military clients (primarily Christian but including many faiths and ‘non-believers’ alike) in saving Halloween celebrations from the narrow sectarian religious views of their unit’s Deputy Commander.

This military unit’s Deputy Commander felt that members of the unit would better serve their unit and the U.S. Military if they respected his and his family’s belief that Halloween observances were divisive and disrespectful.  One of MRFF client’s emailed the following observations that were shared by the Deputy Commander with the unit:

“Halloween is a very divisive event for believing Christians like me and my family and many others here at (name of military installation withheld).” He further argued that if we made the “personal choice to celebrate it” this would be disrespectful to the (military branch’s name withheld) core goals and would “negatively affect unit equality diversity and unity.”

This MRFF client’s email further detailed that (…as if the ridiculous ‘Halloween Edict’ were not enough…) the unit’s Deputy Commander followed up with another effort to pursue a truly twisted sense of “good unit equality diversity and unity” by declaring to the unit:

…that this year our unit would be having a “Christmas play” to “celebrate the origins of Christ’s birth” and that he’d be asking Jewish members of our unit to volunteer to play “Jewish characters” in the Christmas saga of Jesus’ birth!

This MRFF client’s email goes on to detail their personal reaction to this episode of Religious Zealotry displayed by their superior officer and how quickly they were able to resolve this issue with the assistance of President/Founder Mikey Weinstein and Senior Research Director Chris Rodda:

WTF? Are you shitting us we all thought? That is some more seriously jacked up shit! As a Jewish member of this unit (and we have several) there is NO way I’d ever stoop to such a thing.

We knew this was all messed up and one of us (name, rank and title withheld) said we should call the MRFF.

Nobody wanted to start a war with our Deputy Commander for fear of him finding a way to retaliate but we called the MRFF and Mr. Weinstein himself answered right away.

He recognized our situation and said that the MRFF had successfully dealt with this pretty exact same type of outrageous shit before. He said he’d have the MRFF staff send him some links to send to us about these other instances.

Like maybe only a matter of minutes later we got the forwarded e-mail from Mikey which came from Chris Rodda at MRFF.

We read it and were as shocked & pissed off as we were with (unit deputy commander’s name, rank and title withheld)’s rant against us having fun with Halloween and his additional shit about asking Jewish unit members LIKE ME to play “Jews” in his planned Christmas play for our unit.

Mr. Weinstein told us he’d be happy to engage personally with our chain of command. We thought about it but instead we went to (senior enlisted NCO’s name, rank and title withheld) and showed her the e-mail Mikey had forwarded from Chris Rodda showing the MRFF’s victories over similar instances of insane Christian command decrees.

She said she had heard of the MRFF & told us to hold on and let her try to fix this. Using the MRFF e-mail Mikey sent from Chris Rodda she went to our most senior unit leadership immediately.

Just under 4 hours after we had first contacted the MRFF our Commander personally called our unit leadership into a sudden meeting and told them to tell us that he expected us all to thoroughly enjoy Halloween and that there would be no unit Christmas play at all let alone one where Jewish unit members would be asked to participate as “Christmas origin story Jews”!

So we have a happy ending. Except (unit deputy commander name, rank and title withheld) should get his ass kicked by our chain of command which will likely never happen.

Anyway big shoutouts to the MRFF for helping us out of this bullshit and in record time.

We do not want to ID the unit or installation or the names of our unit leadership here. Everyone still knows that( unit deputy commander name, rank and title withheld ) could still try to mess us up.

And if he does we will call Mikey and the MRFF again.

But thank you to all of you at the MRFF for being there to lead us to a big “W” here! Thank you all for being totally ready when we called you for this help!

(name, rank, title and installation of Active Duty military member withheld)

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  1. HypocriticalWokeIdiot December 15, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    Wow, what a great story. That’ll be in the history books for sure. Seems you unknowingly saved a derivative Catholic holiday.

    “Halloween is a Catholic holiday. It does not have origins in paganism, Samhain, Druidic festivals, the occult, or Satanism. This common misconception is relatively new anti-Catholic propaganda, with roots going back to the Protestant Reformation. It has no basis in historical fact. The holiday is “All Hallows Day” (or “All Saints Day) and falls on Nov. 1”

    So you shit on wreaths because you say they are derivative of Christmas, but endorse Halloween, a derivative Catholic holiday? I’m not woke enough yet to wrap my mind around this one yet, help me out. Maybe Mikey will chime in if he can find time in this busy 105-hour workweek.

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