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From: (email address withheld)
Subject: wreaths
Date: December 30, 2021 at 8:04:25 AM MST
To: [email protected]

Hi Mikey:

I wanted to thank you for bringing up the issue of the wreaths across America being placed on non-Christian graves. My father was a Marine during the Korean era. He and my mother are buried in a town cemetery, not a VA cemetery but for the past two years, there have been wreaths placed on their graves despite there being a star of david on the headstone. Luckily, the next graves has a husband and wife who were both in the military so I just moved the wreath to the next grave.

My father would have been furious to find a wreath on his grave. He was a proud Jewish, Brooklyn-born Marine. At least the stones placed on the headstone were not removed.

Please keep up the good work. Know that many appreciate your efforts.

(name withheld)

Photo of desecrated grave sent to MRFF by author of email.

Jewish headstone with Christmas wreath on it. Name obscured by MRFF for anonymity.
Edits by MRFF: Name on headstone obscured for anonymity,
red circles added to highlight the Star of David and Christmas wreath
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