MRFF Lambasts GOP Members of U.S. Congress Sponsoring Bill Protecting Unvaccinated Cadets & Midshipmen

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I think that you are losing the plot and your focus.  It is inconsistent for you to celebrate religious freedom and freedom from religion on the one hand in the military, and then categorically denigrate a group of people who are seeking to exercise such freedom on religious grounds, and simply state that that the safety and well being of the larger group trumps such protection and freedom.  On that argument, any number of abuses, including abuses that you are fighting against, could be mandated for the sake and effective cohesion of the whole.  An inordinate amount of religious diversity and practice within the military, for example, could be one such causality based on the same logic. 
Ditto on the blurb about gun legislation.  I like you best when you stick to your knitting and expertise, rather than seeing you drift into the general mantras of the leftward side of the Democratic party.  
I have followed your information for years with interest, but have found you becoming more and more vindictive, irrational and mean-spirited.  I am uncertain what is causing this but I think that you should change your tone.
Best to you,

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Marty France

(name withheld), thanks for the note.  I occasionally answer emails like yours in my role as an advisory board member for the MRFF.  First, while I disagree with you, I appreciate the respectful tone and solid grammar in your note–that’s not common among most of the feedback we get.First, let me say that the MRFF’s #1 goal is that the US military maintain its operational readiness and good order and discipline that makes it the most effective, representative, diverse, and DEADLY military in the world.  We think that is best accomplished by supporting the Constitutional rights of all those in the military, in accordance with our oath.  Also, please realize that the MRFF does not support the idea that all military members should have ALL of their requested religious accommodations/exemptions approved.  Instead, we recognize, in accordance with Parker v Levy , that “the demands of military necessity are superior to individual constitutional rights in the military setting.” That ruling, in conjunction with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment implies strongly that (in your words) the safety and well-being of the larger group trumps such protection and freedom.  Moreover, the OPERATIONAL demands of the military trump the religious beliefs of a few misguided members who’ve chosen the political cafeteria approach when applying their requests for religious exemptions.In that last phrase, I refer to the fact that all of the USAFA cadets who were not commissioned for disobeying the order to be vaccinated against CoVID, had previously accepted vaccines that were developed or manufactured using fetal cell tissues lines (e.g., MMR, Hep A, Chicken Pox, and possibly Rabies vaccines)–the primary basis of their request.We do not view ordering approved, standard-of-practice medical care (in this case fully FDA-approved  vaccines) in order to maintain operational effectiveness and public health to be an “abuse”, as you put it–especially since these same cadets accepted this practice for the first 20+ years of their life and first three of their cadet experience.Frankly, I don’t understand your last sentence in paragraph one.  We strongly support religious diversity within the military, but do not support spurious and specious DEMANDS for accommodation.  All too often, these requests are based on the desire for a continuation of Evangelical Christian privilege, but we will fight for any request for accommodation that puts others at risk or reduces operational effectiveness or endangers public health.  For example, Sundays are generally considered days off in the civilian world, but in the operational world of the military that works 24/7 in many cases, we would not support a request for a Christian to get preference for a Sunday off (when others are forced to work in their place) any more than we would a Muslim requesting special preference for a Friday off.  We believe that ALL should be treated equally, but if, by mutual agreement a unit decides to fairly and evenly give Muslims Friday off, Jews their Saturday, and Christians their Sunday–and then Atheists get to evenly pick a day to take off–and all are treated equally, then we’re cool with that.Operational effectiveness, good order and discipline, equal opportunity, no inherent bias or preference based upon religion, adherence to the Constitution and legal precedent.  That’s what guides us.These cadets disobeyed a direct, legal order.  They should face consequences beyond the “golden handshake” of a free, taxpayer education and no commission or military commitment–otherwise, good order and discipline is undermined and religious exemption takes precedence or is established (Unconstitutionally) as practice.  That’s not a recipe for the kind of military we think this nation wants or deserves

.Sincerely,Marty France, PhDBrigadier General, USAF (Retired) MRFF Advisory Board Member

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