MRFF Op-Ed on LA Progressive: “Former Army chaplain’s PhD dissertation reveals Southern Baptist blueprint to convert the military”

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What if I told you that there was a denomination of fundamentalist Christians whose military chaplains are actively working to undermine military chapels – while being paid at taxpayer expense? That this denomination’s scheme is to use the military as a “mission field” to be “harvested” for new converts to their denomination by luring military members and their families away from military chapels to the churches that they’re “planting” near military bases? That once these military members and their families are converted they will be expected to carry this denomination’s beliefs and mission to their future duty stations, where more churches will be “planted” and more service members converted, thus “multiplying” this denomination’s hold on the military?

The denomination is the Southern Baptist Convention, and the above has been their plan and modus operandi for years. Now, a new doctoral dissertation written by a very recently retired U.S. Army chaplain, who in fact was working on his doctoral plan to subvert military chapels while still on active duty, has laid out the plan in stark detail.


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