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One of the greatest honors as a military musician is inspiring patriotism through musical performance. As a military band, we are one of the most visible representations of the armed forces in the eye of the public. We strive to uphold the highest ideals of military service as engage with the community and act as ambassadors of the armed services 
When our unit was tasked with playing at a religiously based performance, a majority of our unit felt uncomfortable with playing. This event broadly violated the separation of church and state in addition to many specific regulations at the state and federal level. 
We contacted MRFF and they responded within minutes to our initial information. They quickly worked with us to collect relevant information, develop a strategy, and communicate clearly and directly to the highest levels of leadership in our chain of command. 
The commitment to our cause to stop this event matched our own, and it was a pleasure to work with MRFF through this issue. 
Speaking up against improper actions in the military is not always easy, but having a partner like MRFF was extremely helpful. 
Thanks MRFF

MRFF Client/Active Duty Soldier in the United States Army

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