Religion in military

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From: (Email address withheld)
Subject: religion in military for FB
Date: September 12, 2022 at 7:27:45 PM EDT
To:[email protected]

I am so PO. This forced religion thing has been coming on for too long and will destroy good order and  our more than competent military force, in addition to making  the public fearful of what pogrom will happen first, second, and last. 

My late Navy E-9 husband would be proud of you all, I’m sure. He was a believer in all that  Christian frou-frou, but this current wave of madness would distress him so much. 

The Christianists are being used by forces they won’t admit to, and are too involved with their more than full menu of propaganda from aggressive winger sources.

Use my comments below– or not— in any way you please. 

Thank you for holding your own in maintaining the separation of church and state at the leaky dike.

May all at MRFF live long, in safety,  and in prosperity– and stay strong in a chaotic world. 

(Name and location withheld)

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