Thank You! (and a semi-short sea story))

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From: (name withheld)
Date: September 19, 2022 at 12:57:20 PM MDT
To:[email protected]
Subject:Thank You! (and a semi-short sea story))

Hello Mikey,

I have read about some of what you have accomplished for the last 20 years..  I wanted to thank you personally.  I have run into religious Bias in the last 30 year at the VA.  The last time was in the Lab at the Riverview clinic in Fl (SHVA) the Tech taking my blood had jesus covering her cubicle almost like wallpaper.  I talked about feeling a bit put out as an atheist so I talked about it on the Atheist Community of Discord (ACD).  Affiliated with the Atheist community of Austin (ACA).  One of the members told me I could do something about it. 

I had worked with the patient advocate in Tampa several times and emailed them about the problem.  They responded with a copy of the VA rules about religious displays.  I answered that there were no other religions portrayed in this display as required by their own rules.  I then got a call from the head of the Lab. He said that he had counselled all the lab techs, and the situation was resolved. Not too surprising as I have the PA on speed dial and am a thorn in their side at times (Grin)

Next visit I confirmed that there were no posters or other religious Iconography on the walls.  They had done what they said they would do. 

Small victory but, an effortless fix for me.  If everyone looks out for themselves (or others) and refuses to accept proselytization in public buildings, we will win this fight.  Though I accept that there are dangers and respect people who may not want or can’t to take that on.

(name withheld)

Once again you are an inspiration to military veterans who believe in the Constitution. I am doing more advocacy with the ACD and ACA.  If I can help let me know.  I signed that check as well; my oath still holds.

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