Thank You Note From Air Force Academy Graduate Mother

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From: (Email address withheld)
Date: September 14, 2022 at 2:40:24 PM MDT
Subject: Thank You Note From Air Force Academy Graduate Mother
: [email protected]

Dear Mr Weinstein and the staff at MRFF,

I recently became aware of “Spiritual Fitness Month” held in August at the US Air Force Academy. My first reaction was to wonder about the purpose of such an intrusive, intensive amount of time on already overwhelming schedules of the cadets. As the parent of a ’07 USAFA graduate, I know first-hand how tenuous the grasp is on managing extremely limited time for USAFA cadets. 

After researching more, I learned about MRFF and the hard work they’re doing to ensure that the First Amendment rights of military members are respected. I feel compelled to send this note of thanks to you, Mr Weinstein, and MRFF volunteers. At a time when Christian nationalism is in the rise in America, I feel that protecting the separation of Church and State for every service member, and especially for the young minds in our taxpayer-funded military academies, has never been more critical. 

As the daughter of a decorated WWII Flying Tiger, parent of a distinguished USAFA graduate , and former Blue Star Mother, I can’t thank MRFF enough.

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