Congratulations to MRFF on Merchant Marine Academy Victory and Growing Jewish Media Coverage from Chaplain, Col, USAF (Ret) Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman: “Nachat!”

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Rabbi Joel Schwartzman

From: Rabbi Joel Schwartzman
Subject: Nachat!
Date: January 18, 2023 at 8:48:48 AM MST
To: “‘[email protected]'” [email protected]

To sheb nachat is to garner honor. The MRFF’s efforts are gaining more and more recognition and honor in the Jewish media. I just saw a reference to the MRFF’s victory over the painting of Jesus at the Merchant Marine Academy in the Times of Israel online newspaper. You referenced the JTA’s and The Jerusalem Post’s recognition of the same item as well. These are important to the reputation of the MRFF’s advocacy and good works.

The Jewish communities of the U.S. need to be aware of the MRFF and articles such as these help to boost that awareness and, hopefully, elicit support.

All good things,

Chaplain, Col, USAF (Ret) Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman
Dillon, CO

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