CBN and The Blaze Cover MRFF Victory Getting USMMA Giant Jesus Painting Moved to Chapel; The Blaze Claims USMMA Becoming “Woke”

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Gigantic painting of Jesus hovering over a lifeboat in the conference room at USMMA

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) covers the letters of the four Christian nationalist MAGA congressmenwho wrote to USMMA superintendent Vice Admiral Nunan and one to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Ted Cruz’s letter to Vice Admiral Nunan, decrying MRFF’s victory. 

On two separate occasions in the past, Pat Robertson has derisively called Mikey Weinstein “one little Jewish guy.”

The Blaze claims that “‘Woke’ ideology has seeped into the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, citing MRFF’s victory in getting the Academy to move its gigantic Jesus painting from its administrative building to its chapel as an example of this so-called “wokeness.”


The Cameron Journal covers MRFF’s victory in stopping mandatory military training titled “Leadership Lessons of the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

From the Cameron Journal:

“MRFF was effective and due to MRFF’s action, the officer responsible for attempting to force this clearly proselytizing training on his subordinates is being investigated in three separate investigations …”

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