MRFF Stops Christian Only “Chapel Attendance Competition” for Military Fourth of July Week Celebration

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From: (Active Duty MRFF Client’s e-mail address withheld)
Subject: MRFF Stops Christian Only “Chapel Attendance Competition” for Military Fourth of July Week Celebration
Date: June 27, 2024 at 2:27:41 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

To: Mr. Mikey Weinstein, our MRFF Installation Reps and All the MRFF Staff

Subject: MRFF Stops Christian Only “Chapel Attendance Competition” for Military Fourth of July Week Celebration

After Action Report:

I am an active duty enlisted member of the United States armed forces stationed at a large military training installation. I am writing on behalf of 42 fellow active duty service members all of whom are also enlisted and most of us are very junior and going thru initial basic training. 27 of us are Christians and the rest of us are other religions like Jews and Muslims and Shinto etc. and of no sort of religion.

Please protect all of our identities to avoid revenge persecution.

I don’t write all that good (working on it) but as I’m the most senior of the 42 MRFF clients here I wanted on behalf of all of us to be sure to thank Mr. Weinstein and our base MRFF representatives and all of the MRFF peeps who stand up for us all the time and take the shit for us.

Recently our OIC (Officer in Charge) came up with a “special way” he said to celebrate July 4th. He said that our (military organization unit name withheld) would compete to see which unit would have the highest attendance at this Sunday’s on base chapel services and the winning unit would get a bunch of rewards like extra duty time off, free pizza and soda and other cool stuff.

Most of us thought this was pretty jacked up to begin with but then he went even further. The OIC said that it only counted if we attended the Sunday Protestant service that he and his family go to at 1000 hours at the main base chapel. When we asked why so he then said that “since most of us are Christians and Protestants that will be the one chapel service that will be counted for the attendance competition here”. He further said that if “you aren’t Protestant you will learn a little about our Lord while you try to help your unit win the competition.”

This was totally fucked up and we all knew it. I happen to be Protestant but many in our unit are not. Our First Shirt knew this was wrong but did not want to directly engage the OIC here. He sent us to (name and rank withheld) and (name and rank withheld) who are 2 of our base MRFF Reps.

They were freakin great and put us in touch on a phone call late at night with Mikey Weinstein himself. Everyone was on edge but Mikey told us that our identities would stay secret and that the MRFF would roll in here hard immediately.

Just 24 hours later our First Shirt announced that the “Chapel Attendance Competition” for the 4th of July had just been canceled. Instead there will be a unit picnic on base for all. Everybody was so happy but we wanted to know how this had happened? 

Our MRFF Reps told us they had given Mikey the contact info for our OIC’s commander 2 levels up and that Mikey had personally spoken on the phone with (senior military rank, title and name withheld) who apologized for our OIC’s actions and promised to fix them immediately.

We don’t know what exactly happened besides the “competition” being cancelled but our OIC has just this morning been removed and is now reassigned to some dogshit position reporting to a low level civilian at our transpo/motor pool unit!  

We all wish to thank the MRFF for totally having our backs for the WIN! And we also want to wish the MRFF a fantastic July 4th!

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