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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Air Force Academy football players allowed to pray publicly

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Air Force Academy football players have a right to pray publicly before games, an academy athletic department review has found.

"The United States Air Force Academy places a high value on the rights of its members to observe the tenets of their respective religion or to observe no religion at all," academy officials said in a statement on Wednesday. 

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December 23, 2015 at 11:57 AM MST

This outrageous internal administrative decision to allow its football team to engage in massive orchestrated sectarian Christian prayers right before kick off for the world to see on television is a monstrous travesty and brutal breach of federal constitutional law and Department of Defense/Air Force regulations. On behalf of our 144 Air Force Academy clients, including five members of the football team, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is in consultation with its litigators to decide if it is possible to go into federal court to obtain injunctive relief to stop this pernicious and pervasive practice of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, triumphalism and exhibitionism.


December 23, 2015 at 11:51 AM MST

The United States Air Force Academy places a high value on the rights of its members to observe the tenets of their respective religion or to observe no religion at all. Recently the United States Air Force Academy received a complaint about its football players kneeling in prayer. An inquiry was initiated, which found the football player's actions to be consistent with Air Force Instruction 1-1 and its guidance on the free exercise of religion and religious accommodation. The United States Air Force Academy will continue to reaffirm to cadets that all Airmen are free to practice the religion of their choice or subscribe to no religious belief at all. The players may confidently practice their own beliefs without pressure to participate in the practices of others.

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Organized public prayer by the USAFA football team is both inappropriate and illegal.  This is not, however, what is most disturbing.

It is a given that military academies teach the cadets that their sworn duty is to uphold the Constitution.   This can be done essentially in two ways:        

 1) a mandatory course in civics;  

2) by example.  Clearly, neither is being accomplished.  Rather, inconceivable as it may seem, the Academy’s leadership is, by failing its duty, promoting a violation of the Constitution and DOD regulations.

Hard as it apparently is for some to understand, a theocracy, Christian or otherwise, is not a democracy. If the Academy leadership does not understand this, how can we expect more of the cadets?

Religious beliefs are a private matter. Organized public demonstrations of religious fealty on the part of a military unit insult democracy and reveal that the leadership has failed its mission.

Heads must roll. 

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