AIR FORCE TIMES – Air Force Academy football players allowed to pray publicly

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  1. This action is a monstrous travesty and brutal breach of federal constitutional law and Department of Defense/Air Force regulations. These actions and those similar that of many in the United States Air Force, its Auxiliary and the U.S. Military as a whole are a complete derelection of the Constitution of these United States that we have sworn to uphold! What do you not understand about that? If you feel so strongly that what they are doing should be right, then why do you not start at the Constitution? Then, if and when you can get that changed, you can then work on DOD and AFI Regulations and Directives. It would be a shame to our country if you ever got that far.
    And this comes from a fellow USAF Jewish Veteran that has been through the Dominionist mistreatment in both the USAF and its Auxiliary.

  2. G

    You can have all the DOD and AFI Regulations and Directives all you want but it doesn’t mean a thing if the USAF and other military organizations keep ignoring them.

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    I applaud the Air Force Academy in telling Mikey to shove it and leave the alone. I would like to think that their reaction was due to a posting I did on both of the AFA FB athletic site and the official USAFA FB site where I encouraged to them to tell Mikey to shove it!

    Another victory for religious freedom and liberty!! I hope after their bowl game with Cal,players from both teams will join at the 50 yard line on national TV and pray!!

    May God continue to bless the AFA and may the fires of revival sweep across the AFA campus!!

  4. G

    YW, the game is not over yet.

  5. G

    YW,. the game is not over yet.

  6. Yeshua Warrior

    Oh yes it is. Just give it up, this is not worth costing the taxpayers more money!

  7. G

    No, the game is not over, and the MRFF is not going to give it up. You need to blame the AFA for costing the taxpayer’s money in the first place.

  8. Yeshua Warrior

    Well if Mikey wants to continue to pursue it, hope he is ready to have his ass handed to him on a silver platter AGAIN!

  9. G

    No it is the AFA’s donkey rear end that is going to be handed on a silver platter AGAIN AND AGAIN until they get the message

  10. Connie

    I am certain the powers that be did not think this through. To me this decision means rules and laws don’t apply to the ‘more equal’ Christian class. To me their decision to ignore established regulations means I (as a cadet) should not have to follow rules and regs either.

    How again does the inclusion of religion into what is secular in practice enhance unit cohesion? I see it tearing apart. Perhaps that destruction is necessary before true healing can begin. After all it is on the path to avoid our fate that we always find it. (Something about möbius and a strip of logic)

  11. G

    They should outlaw mandatory cadet attendance at the games as well or give the cadets the option of not attending the games. I don’t see how manadatory attendance enchances unit cohesion considering the fact that you are facing religious discrimination at the Academy because you are an atheist, you belong to a different Christian denomination, you belong to a differnet religion Muslim, Jew, etc, before, during, or after the game is over.

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