West Point Faculty Member/MRFF Client Speaks on Boykin

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To: MRFF and Mikey Weinstein

Mikey, I was one of the West Point faculty members on the emergency conference call with you last night. Thank you from all of us for taking that call. I am now the unofficial spokesperson for a twenty-seven of us on the faculty (more will joining shortly too) here who are of like mind on the terrible choice by West Point in inviting retired Lt. General William Boykin to be the featured speaker at the West Point “National Prayer Breakfast” on February 8. Mikey, I am a West Point graduate and I am a Protestant. In fact, all twenty-seven of us are either Protestant or Roman Catholic. I am also a multiple-tour, Iraq/Afghanistan heavy combat veteran, much of it hand-to-hand. I am a decorated combat soldier as are many of my colleagues who have reached out to you and the MRFF. I could go on for pages about the insane idiocy of extending this invitation to the anti-Muslim bigot Boykin but I don’t have the time to compose that tome. Suffice it to say that the horrible consequences of the prejudiced message sent ’round-the-world by this official West Point invitation to Boykin is all but incalculable. The true price to be exacted, by granting this high profile speaking engagement to the bigot Boykin, will shamefully be paid in blood, and the blood of innocents. The President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and the most senior U.S. Army leadership have made it absolutely imperative to win the hearts and minds of our Islamic allies, and potential allies, by making it clear that Americans are NOT Christian crusaders who hate Muslims. That mantra is the prime maxim for all of our troops in combat down range in Afghanistan and elsewhere in Islamic lands. This rubric is what we are all supposed to be teaching our West Point cadets from Day One here at the Academy. It is so sad to see the West Point spin controllers in Public Affairs trying to justify the unjustifiable by arguing that having this hater Boykin speak at this particular religious event will somehow “broaden the intellectual horizons” of our Corps of Cadets. That assertion is specious and transparently a lie and very poorly articulated lie at that. Let me, on behalf of the other West Point faculty I represent, make this one point very clear to you, Mikey; though it violates our United States Constitution and the sworn oaths we all took to support and defend it, West Point has an “official religion” and it’s evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity. And THAT is precisely why this prejudiced racist Boykin has been invited to disgrace our Academy with his Islamophobic filth at this religious event. We know that you know this fact. We thank you, Mikey and the MRFF, for being there to represent all of us because if any of us raised even the slightest hand in protest, the consequences would be devastating to both our professional and personal lives. Please don’t think less of us because of our fears to come forward publicly. Please help us get West Point to withdraw this speaking invitation to a man who aggressively hates so many for simply existing as human beings.

(West Point Faculty Member’s name, rank, title and Faculty Department withheld)

West Point faculty members,

Please know that we at MRFF all — ALL — understand your situation, and NONE of us finds fault with you for what you must do: Protect yourselves and your families by protecting your careers.

That is why we are here. If you were found out and removed from military duty, it would be all the more difficult for you to fight this battle, too. Circumstances on the ground make it difficult to impossible for you to appropriately keep your oath to support and defend the Constitution with what could be euphemistically called “conventional warfare”, i.e., going up the chain of command or to the OIG or MEO offices.

In fact, it would parallel the redcoats marching in rank and file toward our revolutionary ancestors, hiding as the Indians taught them, taking full advantage of battlefield tactics denied those redcoats, back then.

We are here for you. You are our eyes and ears. Together, you and we are the brains, heart and soul of this operation. And we are the rest. Someday, you will be able to come out of the shadows, and the sooner the better, but for now, you must stay safe for all of us.

Keep your courage and strength up. This is going to be some bumpy roller coaster ride. And it’s going to last indefinitely long. You know, as we do, it’s a ride we have to take, in order to protect and preserve our nation, for that, in the long run, is the target at risk of religious takeover. That is what our Constitution exists to protect.

(name withheld)
Former Maj, USAF
Ousted before MRFF existed, for blindly refusing to hide in the shadows. Had I known, then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have been lost on the battlefield of this religious war so quickly. Now, I haunt the battlefield as a ghost, continuing the fight as best I can. You do better than I did. Please!

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  1. NICK YANG January 27, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    The last thing we need to represent the future of our military is this poor excuse for a real American.

  2. Robyn Lauster January 27, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    I find this Christian creep so frightening. This is not my father’s military. It’s not even the military my peers served in during the ’60’s and ’70’s. Blessings to Mikey and his staff for all they do. Please, those who are serving and fighting this “Christian” tendency, continue to serve and resist.

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