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MIKEY’s OP-ED – David Barton’s latest lunacy: “I’ve decided that Mikey Weinstein is now the new Secretary of the Air Force”

Published On: May 24, 2012|Categories: Mikey's Op-Eds, News|0 Comments|

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Selected Article Excerpts:

  • We at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) are used to baseless, slanderous attacks.
  • Sometimes, though, we can only sit back and chuckle in amusement at the ignorant calumnies and insinuations tossed about by our Christian fundamentalist foes.Case in point: David Barton’s recent rant about yours truly. According to this foolish moron, in addition to being Founder and President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I am now the new Secretary of the United States Air Force (USAF). Why is that? As Barton explains, “Every stinkin’ case he files against the Air Force, the Air Force says ‘oh my Gosh, we didn’t realize we were doing that, we’ll stop that!’”
  • For those who may be unaware, Barton has served as vice chair of the Texas GOP and is a skilled, veteran propagandist operating under the guise of his phony self-designation as a “historian.” Barton’s “craft” consists of surpassing historical revision of the most pernicious kind.
  • The confession from Barton that he believes me to be the Head of the Department of the United States Air Force shows the extent to which this man has been bewitched by his own Dominionist hocus-pocus. To paraphrase the great English scientist and critic Sir Peter Medawar, Barton “can be excused of dishonesty only on the grounds that before deceiving others he has taken great pains to deceive himself.”… (continued, click below to read article)

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