Asortment of Freaks

hey kikey whinercrybabystein give it up already jewboy. your MFRR is just a bunches of queer lesbians and homos, kikes, sand nigger lovers and athiests, feminazis and hollywood spineless commies and of course totaly fake Christians. Who are not really true servints of Christ. You don’t think we know this? your wife is made a pathitic cripple with no chance and your nasty spawn children are a disgrace to Christian America. And its Chrisitan army and military forces. which gave them and you there free education also. you jews just love that ‘free’ dont you kikey? Just like pigs to filth and garbage. its over for you all now. All of you are just fuel for the hellfire. You just don’t know it yet. your family and children and mfrr are just snakes and vipers. Jesus has already sentenced you all to hell (Matthew 23:33). There is no escape for you and your works of evil. Our Lord and Savior knows your demon plans.

(name withheld)

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  1. Von

    All this from a supposed Christian, first learn to read, then you may want to read the bible to find out just how NOT Christian you truly are. Why would any true Christian person wish to associate themselves with a vile, hate filled, misogynistic, narrow-minded, prejudiced, ignorant human as your self?

    If you do bother to learn to read and then read the bible, you will find that your Jesus was a Jew and didn’t condemn anyone for being a Jew. It also states that it was the Romans that killed Jesus, not the Jews, so please, do learn to read. Oh and by the way, only the Christians have hell, so probably no threat to the Jewish people.

  2. MajBones

    I love how the list of categories of people making up the (misspelled) “MFRR” covers just about every single human being on earth who isn’t a brain-washed, deliberately ignorant fundamentalist, dominionist, fire-breathing (but only from halitosis), self-proclaimed Christian — especially the part where he judges other Christians for not being Christian enough. He’s the poster child of what we’re up against. Emphasis, please, on “child.”

  3. MajorMike

    The unrestrained vituperative hate in this sounds like a mad-at-the-world kid, raised in a terribly violent environment. I would guess middle school level from the bad spelling and grammar. I feel sorry for such a miserable, warped individual and pray that they will somehow overcome their hatefulness.

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