To whom it may concern

GO TO HELL!! I am very angry with your organization and I know this is falling on deaf ears but I needed you to see my comment. THE MILITARY HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM…. You are worse than the ACLU….. Don’t military Chaplains have to be schooled in ALL religions and denominations? It looks to me like you are after publicity! It is your GOD given right to say what you wish, but to force it on other people is worse, and that is what you did! If you have been in a PX you would see not only the normal bibles but also ones that showed pride in our military by putting a unit logo on it. If you were even the least bit of smart, you would see that it never hurt anyone. Your organization is not about religious freedom it is about YOUR religious freedom. If you had a complaint about military logos on bibles then your organization should have made sure other religious items had logos or the PX had other bibles for sale without logos also.

Quit pushing your so called religious freedom on other people like our troops and let them be their selves for a change. You are doing nothing but making a name for yourself. I have more respect for the ACLU then you. The PX is not the Federal Government, it is a store that sells quality items to quality people (Our Soldiers and Sailors).

(name withheld)

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  1. Andy Kasehagen

    I agree with the single intelligent statement made here “… let them be their selves for a change.” However, you complain about MRFF’s actions which ensure exactly that.

    I have been in enough BXs and PXs to realize that the Service Branch Emblems and unit logos are sold individually in many forms like self adhesive stickers/decals. As such, I believe the intelligent men and women that make up our exceptional family of military service members, active duty and veteran alike, can figure out how to attach their service branch affiliation or unit logo to their personally chosen religious text. If there is some military regulation, directive, or section of the UCMJ that would prohibit individual service members from doing this, then I stand corrected and my point that the U.S. Military chose the sane option in this matter is made that much stronger.

  2. She just doesn’t “get it” at all. I can feel her anger too. It’s conflated with dozens of misconceptions about precisely what MRFF is “about”. Perhaps if she took a deep breath and heard us out, she might be persuaded that American liberty is synonymous with the total religious freedom enumerated in the 1st Amendment. To people comfortably habituated to the concepts and language of religious faith, the idea of dangerous evangelical bleed overs into civic life are relatively benign. They surely must think: “why can’t they just let us practice our religion?” We see that attitude as presumptuous and dangerous in a way they cannot imagine on their worst day of imaginary persecution scenarios (don’t forget they are conditioned to expect persecution by their faith).
    I have always believed that we need to be patient with them and remember that it’s not a stretch to understand them as being afflicted with a learning disability caused by a developmental disorder. I’m not sure we can do anything about it but it has been helpful in my dealings with them.

  3. watchtower

    I can tell the messenger is frustrated from their extreme indoctrination with the unfathomable since birth. While it does not upset me to see Military logo’s on bibles, I do wonder why they do it anyway. I mean, is it out of pride, love, money, or are they just a nice decoration? Does it help to “sell” bibles? I thought you can get a bible from just about anywhere for free, or borrow one form the library. The sticker idea sounds reasonable for a personal bible, keeps the book from “desecration” because I heard people say that’s the way they feel about it anyway.

    I guess the messenger just needed to vent, but wow, they don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves and they way they feel is the only thing that matters.

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