Vile neo-nazi blog: “Walk it off, lampshade.”

From White Reference blog:

The fact is, Mikey Weinstein has proven by his actions that his so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation promotes freedom for all religions except Christians. He’s used it as a front to promote his endemic anti-Christian bigotry. And he reaps a rich harvest of shekels for his “activism”, thus ensuring that he will find more “issues” in the future. He emulates the business model so successfully employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which casts a wider net to artificially increase the number of “hate groups”.

My advice to Weinstein remains unchanged: Walk it off, lampshade.


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1 Comment

  1. The funny thing is how the kikes have made up stories that their skin was used for Nazi lampshades. This is so far fetched and absolutely proven to be one of the tallest lies ever spoken in regards to the holocaust. No wonder why the majority of Americans and Europeans now refer to the holocaust as the holohoax. Pud

    PS, I’m a kike.

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