Active Duty Air Force Member Needs Advice

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I want to send you all a thank you letter for helping me out.
First, about myself. I am a (X)Sgt in the USAF for (xx)+yrs, married, and (x) awesome children. I am currently stationed at (xxxxxxx) AFB, XX and have been for the past (x)+yrs. I was also stationed at (xxxxx xxx) for two back to back long tours totalling (x)yrs. As a (xxxxxxx) on aircraft i have traveled the world and seen many good and bad things. Did mulitiple deployments to (xxxxxxx) in support of Operation (xxxxxx) as multiple tours in Iraq in support of OIF.
My unit here lately has been including prayer directly using the name of “Jesus Christ” in just about every event we have, from a promotion ceremony to a cook out. And these “Jesus” prayers are been led by a (x)Sgt in which the Commander and Chief has endorsed in doing so. Also the Chief himself just started doing this recently at a (xxxxxxx) out on the (xxxxxx). It has gotten to the point in which I really dont want to be a part of it because I know that they will ask me to “Please bow your head in prayer” or “Join me in prayer” as they say.
Anyhow, enough was enough and I wanted to sit down with my supervision (Chief and Commander) and speak to them about endorsing or having “Jesus” prayers at military events. But before doing so I wanted to ensure that I would be very professional and have all my facts straight before doing so. With that I decided to contact the MRFF for adivice. Within an hour of sending an email off to them asking on how I should address this in the most professional way and having the facts straight in doing so, MRFF responded immediately.
Mr. Weinstein’s advice was spot on and he guided me to some regulations and directiives that I could use to bring forth to my supervision. I have to say that the response and respect that got from MRFF was outstanding to say the least. With this information and guidance I am now feeling more comfortable speaking to my Commander and Chief in regards to using prayer at every event we have.
I would like to thank the MRFF for all they do in defending the constitution and protecting all of us no matter what faith you chose that serve this great nation.

xxxxxxx x. xxxxxx, (X)SGT

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