NBC NEWS – No fix for ‘Jesus rifles’ deploying to Afghanistan

Selected Article Excerpts:

When the so-called “Jesus rifle” came to light in Jan. 2010, it sparked constitutional and security concerns, and a maelstrom of media coverage. The Pentagon ordered the removal of the secret code referring to Bible passages that the manufacturer had inscribed on the scopes of the standard issue rifles carried by U.S. soldiers into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nearly three years later, however, the code remains on many rifles deploying to Afghanistan, which some soldiers argue is endangering their lives by reinforcing suspicions that the United States is waging a crusade against Muslims.

“I honestly believe that this is a dangerous situation. It literally could be a matter of life and death for a soldier if he fell into the wrong hands,” said an Army officer who spoke to NBC News from Fort Hood, Texas. “The fact that combatant commanders are not following (rules set by Department of Defense) commanders is very disturbing to me.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit group that aggressively pursues the separation of church and state in defense institutions, first flagged the issue in late 2009 after receiving scores of complaints from active duty military members.

“It’s constitutionally noxious,” said foundation president Mikey Weinstein. “It’s an embarrassment and makes us look exactly like the tenth incarnation of the crusades which launches 8 million new jihadist recruiting videos.”

Contacted by NBC News, scope-maker Trijicon directed calls to the head of sales and marketing Tom Munson, who relayed the message through his secretary that “he had no interest” in discussing the Jesus rifle.

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  1. WENDY H

    The US Flag is not a religious symbol, the constitution is not a religious document, it is a political document that allows people to have rights and freedoms, whether you agree with them or not and Patriotism is not a faith. If the people carrying these guns do not want the inscription there, they can file it off. They are out there defending the US from extremists and extremists back home are saying ignorant comments about what is on the rifle scope. When these soldiers are lying dead in the streets in areas of the world that don’t even appreciate the fact that they are there who will care then what is on the rifle scope?! If antogonists like yourselves didn’t splash this feces all over the internet no one woould even know or care, how many times was that picture blown up so we could read it?? Get over yourselves and donate your time and money to a real cause like the USO! Our soldiers are dying on foreign soil so the enemy wil not be on ours! Look around at your freedoms and thanks a soldier!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, it was bought and paid for by the soldiers that gave their time, their sweat and lives so we could say DUMB STUFF ABOUT WHAT IS CARVED ON THEIR RIFLE SCOPES!!??

  2. Scottie Sharpe

    The post above by Wendy H is a good example of why we need to get religion OUT of the military. We do NOT need superstitious people like Wendy H waging THEIR PERSONAL war of religious hatred on behalf of the United States. To wage war is and should always be a POLITICAL decision, not a religious one. (And hopefully war will end because, in a world without religion, diplomacy will be more effective than in a world with religion) Dear Wendy H, because I am an American, I will defend your right to practice your wacko beliefs against tyranny, but I will never tolerate your need to wage war against others because you don’t agree with your beliefs. Just as I will never use a doctor who is superstitious, or take seriously a scientist who has irrational beliefs; I will never vote for a religious politician. Superstitious people in all walks of life need to be called out. Religion is just superstition. Anyone who is superstitions needs to be called out on their irrational beliefs.

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