What I Think About My Alma Mater the USAF Academy

Dear Military Religious Freedom Foundation,

At times I think I’ve just got to let go and move on. I feel like an abused spouse. I love her, but she constantly beats me, disappoints me, and cheats on me. I KNOW how good she could be, I know that she should live by the standards she originally pledged to herself–and to many others, but she may just be too far gone to save. Maybe her time has just passed and, while I see her as young, beautiful, and energetic in my heart, the mirror says she’s an aged starlet with too much botox–a shabby image of her shiny days in the black-and-white era, too worried about where the next wrinkle may form to actually accept her role and play the honorable and venerated grande dame. Meanwhile, her entourage of pimps and sycophants blindly tell her how gorgeous she is, sucking at the dry teat of her vanished prestige, building monuments to their own phallacy. (misspelling intended) And then, maybe my hopes and dreams for her are just the remnants of my own flawed, testosterone-soaked, youthful dreams–my moral beer-goggles–and she never was anything more than another Cold War Potemkin Village created by the same wishful idiots that knew that adding two words to the Pledge of Allegiance would certainly arrest the Domino Theory in mid-cascade. I still resist growing up. She really is beautiful, isn’t she? I owe it all to her.

(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. watchtower

    This post was ridiculous. “her entourage of pimps and sycophants blindly tell her how gorgeous she is” …are you kidding me…time to move on dude!

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